Weight Loss

Weight Loss – Inspiration To Change

Perhaps you can be referred to those people who attempted to lose weight many times and get in shape or change the lifestyle. Perhaps you started and failed many times. But everything can change when you find inspiration and dedicate yourself to change.

Diet and Exercise Failed
Dieting and physical workouts are an excellent thing for weight loss. If you are like me, you will see that starting a diet regime and sticking to a workout program is a daunting task. Making it working for you is not easy. Personally I tried many different programs. Unhappily, came back to my old ways.

As an old saying goes “do not live to work, work to live”. Once I reversed this saying. I was too dedicated to my work and I seemed to have been living to work. I do not know how this happened, but it occurred to me.

The thought about dieting and physical exercises bored me after some time, so I quit. There should be a better way, I thought. I thought, I have understood it. Instead of exercising and dieting I will re-educate my brain and my body. I will not stick to a diet plan and exercise program. I will train myself. So, I assume this as training and not dieting and exercising.

Inspiration to Change
I have seen many people run a marathon. I realized that it is not as effective as it may seem and it is difficult anyway. Nobody of them seemed to be out of shape. Actually, all they had a good health. It looks like a decent endeavour to start. Nonetheless, for me it is impossible to run around the building and then get exhausted in the end.

I work out a plan to get in shape by training myself to be able to run a marathon. I have set a pact with my daughter a few years ago that we would hike the Appellation Trail, let’s say one hundred miles of it. We postponed the event some many times and finally we fixed a date, May of 2011.

Building a Plan
So, to accomplish that I will need to be in a good shape. I am going to train my body to run a marathon and therefore put myself into a condition of completing our pact. And here is my plan.

• I should be determined to training not dieting and exercising.
• Training will keep me on path.

I have made a two-year plan just to run the marathon.

• I am going to walk one mile, three times a week.

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• The third week I am going to walk two miles for two weeks.
o Carrying on with this pattern until I can walk 26 miles
o It will take one year.

• I am going to walk one marathon every other week for six months just to walk faster and jogging half of the way.

• By the end of the second year, I will be able to run a marathon.

• This will help me to become in shape to retire.

Final Thoughts on Change

So, starting from this moment you do not anymore dieting or exercising, you are training. So, I think you have understood that to achieve any goal you should be inspired for somebody or bys something, for instance by a good idea and become involved into a healthier fitness plan.

If you came to the point when weight loss is an important issue – then you should learn how to lose weight fast.

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