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Weight Loss – Inspiration To Change

If you are concerned with your weight, you must tried to lose weight for many times in your life. So, do you remember how many times you started and gave it up? As for me I had the same experience until I found inspiration and decided to change something. If I am not where I want to be, I made a conclusion that I am closer than I was. It is how I did it.

Did you give up Exercise and Dieting?
There is no doubt that physical workouts and exercising is a good thing. If you like me, you will see that it is not difficult to start an exercise program. What is really difficult is maintaining it. Personally I started many various programs. Unhappily, I came back to my old ways.

Do you remember the saying “work to live, do not live to work”?
In some way I have overturned the saying. I seemed have been living to work. I do not know how it happened, but it seems it has.

The thought of physical workouts and dieting bored me a lot and I decided to quit. There should be a better way. I think I understood it. I will train my mind and my body. I will not diet and exercise anymore, what I am going to do is train myself.

Inspiration to Change
I have observed many people run a marathon. And one of the most important thing that I have noticed, it is not winning, but a completing what they have started. They all seemed to be fit. Actually, they all have a good health and were ready to take the world. It seemed like a healthy undertaking to be taken. Nonetheless, I will not run around the building without collapsing out of breath.

I am developing a plan to get fit by training myself to be able to run a marathon. I have some plans to be in shape when I retire. I have concluded an agreement with my daughter a couple of years ago to. Well, to hike one hundred miles at least. We postponed it so many times and finally we agreed the date, August of 2010.

Developing a Plan
I will need to get in shape to finalize it. I am going to train myself to run a marathon and prepare myself for fulfilling our agreement. Here is my plan.

• I should determine myself to training not dieting and exercising
• Training will keep me on the right way.

I composed a two-year plan to be able to run a marathon.

• I am going to walk a mile, two times a week for two weeks

• The third week, I am going to walk two miles for two weeks

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o Going on with this pattern until I can walk 26 miles (one marathon)

o It will take about one year.

• I am going to walk one marathon each week for six months with the aim of walking faster and jogging half of the way.

• By the end of the second year, I will be ready to run a marathon

• It will put me in shape to have the possibility to retire.

Final Thoughts on Change

So, starting from this moment, do not exercise and diet, all you need to do is to train. I am going to train myself for the rest of my life. The main concept of training is to change the person from being out of fit. As for me, I have got an inspiration form the commitment I made to my daughter. And you will have to decide where your inspiration is going to come from. Get inspired and make some changes, join me in a healthier fitter lifestyle.

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