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Weight Loss Before After – The Yoyo Effect

Finally you’ve gotten to your goal of a weight loss before after experience. You reached your weight loss goal in a relatively short amount of time and have every reason to be proud of it. Maybe you used some diet pills and dropped the pounds like hot potatoes for a while there. Another way you may have obtained your goal may have been through diet and exercise, ingesting limited amounts of calories and doing a lot of exercise. You may even have gone as far as plastic surgery, with all the pain, expense and trouble it entails, to get your former shape back. With each of these methods (or whichever other you used) there was a price to pay to look the way you had pictured it

You deserved a break after all your efforts during your weight loss before after process with diets and exercise and taking all the necessary steps . You deserved that extra large latte with that tiny bit of caramel cream (it’s only coffee, isn’t it?), and offending grandma by refusing to eat her pecan pie on grounds of dieting wouldn’t really do either. And then you find an unplanned extra two pounds the next time you set foot onto a scale. Of course over the next two days you sharply cut your calorie intake and, phew, you’re back to your goal weight. That was a close save.

A few days later an invite for a dinner party at your friend’s arrives and she always goes all the way. She probably spent hours with the preparations and spent a bundle on that three-course dinner. Talking about your diet doesn’t really fit into the context, does it now? And should you dare to bring up your weight loss before after, you probably get to hear that you really could use a full meal after all the dieting and as skinny as you’ve gotten. Knowing you’re going down the wrong path you go ahead and dig in. The next few days are very stressful at work and you have to eat whenever possible and don’t get around to fixing yourself a salad, but have to do with fast food. Oh no, here we go again . . .

We will have a very hard time maintaining our weight loss before after goal if we have to struggle with obstacles such as thinking that we can go back to our accustomed way of eating or the fear of gaining back what we have lost. When you are afraid of gaining back the weight you’ve lost you can get so tense that your body will crave more food than it actually consumes, to meet emotional needs. And if you think you can go back and eat as you used to you got it dead wrong, since that will only get you back right where you started out with all that extra weight and often even worse.

Any method you might have used to reach your weight loss before after goal will have to be followed up by some healthy ways of eating and some exercise to keep your metabolism going, or you will always be under the immediate threat of gaining it all back. I’m not even talking about drastic measures. What I’m talking about is a balanced diet with all the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, carbohydrates, fat and also vitamins and minerals, but which truly reduces unnecessary ingredients like the empty carbs in candy and the unneeded fat that comes from fried dishes for example.

Exercise will also have to play a part in your long-term weight loss before after management. Again, this isn’t about drastic measures like running ten miles. I’m talking about a healthy exercise regimen, that’s maintainable and will not only help you to manage your weight, but also greatly improve your overall well being and health. If you have been promised maintainable weight loss before after that excludes exercise, well, you’ve been told a fairy tale.

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So being good to yourself and to your family, make some wise choices and stick with them. That way you WILL experience weight loss before after that can last you all your life.

Melissa Taylor likes to help others reach their weight loss goals after having gone through the experience of weight loss before after several times herself before learning how to healthily maintain her weight. Visit her website to find ways for yourself to get your weight loss before after experience and how to make it permanent.

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