Weigh-in – Nov 22

scaleToday is the first official weigh-in since I started this weight loss campaign.  I had been waiting for today all week and managed to fight off the urge to check the scale during the week.  I think it is best to only weigh-in once a week so, as I noted earlier, Sunday mornings is the time I chose.

I managed to get to the gym 4 times this week and tried fairly hard to reduce some food intake along the way.  I know I need to work on the types of food I am eating as well as potions but again, one step at a time.

Today’s weight: 234

This represents a total of 6.1 pounds lost for the week!  I know that the first week is always the most for weight loss but I will take it.

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Next, I am going to plan out my gym routine for the week and try like hell to not make a pig of myself on Thanksgiving.

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