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We Win Excess Weight Hatred To The Body

The person can get rid of superfluous kgs only in the event that he will feel sharp discomfort because of the figure.

Uninitiated this statement, probably, will seem self-evident. However it in root contradicts representations of the big circle of scientists about excess weight and overeating problems. According to the latest to weight reduction techniques, doctors try to raise a self-appraisal of the patient and to develop quieter relation to the figure but only after that to put him on a diet. The majority of scientists believe that the underestimated self-appraisal causes stress which, in turn, conducts to an overeating.

It has been interrogated 88 women and 61 men gathering to start the program including a diet and physical exercises about their relation to own body.

For the first half of the year all these people have lost about identical quantity of kgs. However between them there was a huge difference. Later 15 months after the experiment beginning those people who showed discontent in the weight have lowered a primary indicator on the average almost on 4 kg. The same who treated the big body favourably, on the contrary, have typed weight. They began to weigh approximately on 1,5 kg more than at the very beginning of experiment.

Researchers while only argue on the completeness nature while the world impetuously grows stout directly in the face of. Only in the USA over the last 10 years the quantity of people which suffer from excess weight, has increased by 16 % (the data is resulted by the American medical association). This tendency is serious threat for health of all society. Among stout persons there is higher death rate from such illnesses, as a diabetes or heart diseases.

The riddle is covered that we consume more calories than we can spend. However even this statement doesn’t give the answer to a question which factors pull down our ability to self-checking?

The science isn’t necessary on a place and every year researchers receive weight of new data on completeness and an overeating. Scientists-genetics have come to such conclusion: defining value has a heredity. Biologists have revealed communication between consumption of food and development of substance of a dopamine. This substance creates sensation of comfort. It is proved that after the next diet the former weight is inevitably restored and in certain cases even increases. Each person has so-called a natural weight to which maintenance our organism aspires.

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Supporters of the evolutionary theory consider that propensity to an overeating is put in us by nature – throughout all history of mankind people constantly underate. Good appetite was an indispensable condition for a survival.
All these data are good but all the same still practically don’t open a solution of a problem of struggle against excess weight. Some speak about improper feeding and sitting at the TV. But these factors haven’t appeared suddenly, they were earlier – the standard way of life of Americans hasn’t especially changed. The quantity of Americans which suffer from excess weight however has increased.

It is really surprising that today we are living in the world where info quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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