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Sports hall visiting promises us health and beauty of a body. But your inaccurate actions can hurt your health in an exercise room. Many consider that trainers of sports hall will prompt all and will save from various traumas. We have to really tell that when you remain independently to do exercises, your awkward movements can cause various traumas – a stretching, an anguish of muscles.If you don`t want to get from a training apparatus to hospital, it is necessary to observe certain rules.

Training key rules
Rule № 1. Exercises are carried out slowly.

Often happens to execute bigger quantity of repetitions of exercise, we start to do sharp movements or rocking. Thus the necessary group of muscles ceases to be involved and all loading is shifted on joints, sheaves and other muscles. If you cannot do certain exercise slowly, it means the burdening weight is chosen wrongly – it is necessary for lowering.

Rule № 2. Supervise the bearing and landing in a training apparatus.

If at a training apparatus the headrest is provided – the head necessarily should lie on it if there are special belts – fasten by all means by them, there are handles – keep for them … These are constructional decisions which urged to save automatically a body in the necessary position that traumas did not threaten and the necessary group of muscles has been as much as possible effectively involved in work.

Rule № 3. The cargo weight increases gradually.

To increase burdening is possible only when you can carry out the necessary quantity of repetitions without breaking technics of movement.

Rule № 4. The cargo weight never falls up to the end.

Otherwise muscles are switched off from work and it is required additional effort anew to raise burdening. It is an error in the technician who conducts to an overstrain of muscles.

Rules № 5. It is impossible to unbend joints up to the end.

The amplitude of movements should not be as much as possible wide. Costs to you, working with burdenings, to unbend up to the end an elbow or a knee as the vector of distribution of loading will pass precisely through a joint that is potentially not safe.

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Important! Starting training, concentrate on the technician of performance of exercise. Otherwise, having reflected on something or having noticed somebody, the attention will dissipate also you will lose the control over the movements, and it threatens with a trauma.

4 conditions for effective fitness.

The main condition of success in achievement of results is a regularity of employment. Visiting of a sports hall once in 5-6 days positively is not reflected on a figure. The reason of it that body muscles possess own memory which works all within two days.

The second condition is sufficient duration of trainings, a component not less than 50-60 minutes.

The third condition is strict observance of the schedule of trainings.
The fourth condition is to eat correctly.

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