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We Get Rid Of Excess Weight After Pregnancy

Many mums think that right after returnings from maternity home they can wear favourite trousers, but in practice it happens far not at all. Work on yourself and simultaneous care of the child is very difficult employment. Trying to be in time everything, you subject the organism to strong stress. Therefore it is is necessary to organize a healthy food simply.

During pregnancy the woman on the average types 10-12 kg. At the time of delivery she loses 5-6 kg, finally, remains four superfluous kg. Very seldom happens such that excess weight makes to 10 kg. Excess weight not only gives an unpleasant esthetic kind but also can cause many illnesses, promotes occurrence of extensions and a cellulitis.

The former form can be restored for 8-12 months. Childbirth doesn’t mean that you should remain full. But if at once not to take corresponding measures excess weight can lead to decrease in a self-appraisal and depression occurrence.

In feeding of the child by a breast it is not recommended to keep to a diet, but it is necessary to watch what you eat. If your weight corresponds to your growth in feeding young mum should eat on 500 calories more than her norm before pregnancy. If excess weight exceeds norm it is necessary to consult with the doctor, probably, you shouldn’t increase the diet. In the first months after the birth of the child it is necessary to develop the plan of physical exercises and necessarily to include in the diet healthy food. After restoration of a menstrual cycle it is possible to start to keep to a correct diet in which there are no fats. If you don’t nurse the child can pass to a healthy diet on the sly. But anyway, in day you should receive not less than 1500 calories.

For form restoration is good to make the pedestrian walks, swimming, aerobics, jogs, within an hour. You can begin with once in a week and in process of organism restoration to increase to 3-4 times.

Allocation of time for yourself very well influences mental and physical health, promotes the fastest restoration of an organism. But at the same time, sensation of that you could spend this time for the child can affect you negatively. But remember that the birth of the child doesn’t mean you should throw yourself absolutely. Don’t forget that in some months you again will find the former form.

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For development of milk 800 Kcal are necessary for the woman on the average, 300 from them will provide the stocks of a hypodermic fatty cellulose typed for 9 months of pregnancy and the others 500 should arrive together with a food. Therefore 2700 Kcal are required to daily feeding mother. If the woman consumes smaller quantity of calories it will negatively affect a lactation. Besides, a food should be balanced, only in this case the woman will have enough forces to care of the child.

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