We Dance In Fitness Club!

It is difficult to imagine a lesson schedule in a hall of group programs in fitness club without dances. In this article we will tell about new dancing directions which are already presented in fitness clubs or just get popularity.
What qualities dancing directions should possess to approach under a format “to be fit”? To answer this question let’s consider at first how this or that dancing direction appears in a grid of the schedule of group programs?
Before to enter a dancing direction into the schedule, managers of group programs carry out the direction analysis under following characteristics:

1. Popularity of a direction. As a rule, popularity of this or that direction at a certain stage is set by a society. Then, the program rating will depend directly on the instructor conducting this direction in Club.
2. The analysis of active client base of club. It is necessary to know “portrait” of the client: a parity the man/woman, middle age, the social status. After all popular the direction «Street Dance» if the active client base is presented basically by women at the age of 30-40 years with a prosperity above an average would not be what, hardly given program will be rating in club.
3. Possibility of “stylisation” of a direction, i.e. mixture possibility at once several styles of a direction in one. The program «Street Dance», uniting such styles as R’n’B, Popping, Hip-Hop, House can be an example of such “stylisation” of a direction in club.
4. Availability of a dancing direction. Means possibility of working out of such format of a lesson which would approach for clients with any level of readiness. Here it is possible to notice that as a rule, pair directions of dances are not brought in the schedule of group programs. We will sum up: that the dancing direction “has got accustomed” in fitness club it should be popular; should be equitable to interests of active client base of the concrete fitness centre; it should be accessible and it is stylised under people with any level of readiness.

In a network of clubs dancing directions are taught only by professional dancers and choreographers. We aspire to approach dancing directions to their original execution as much as possible. Nevertheless, there is a number of differences in training to dancing directions in the fitness centre from techniques of teaching of the given directions at specialised dancing schools.

First of all, it is caused by different level of readiness of clients and absence of uniform group, after all come on a lesson everyone can. Owing to it instructors of dancing directions in the fitness centres:

1. Always are guided by beginners in group;
2. Each lesson begin with “zero” and study only those dancing combinations which will be accessible to the clients who are at present in a hall;
3. Do not stop on “trifles”, do not assort in details technics of performance of each element;
4. Do not give a difficult choreography. Secondly, in fitness clubs owing to limitation of halls and presence of other directions (base, power, mind&body and others) are not present possibility to put at the prime time only dancing directions.

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