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We Are Losing Winter Kgs

Why in the winter we type excess weight? Frequently it is connected with change of a way of life. When it is cold in the street there is the slightest desire to leave. But being indoors we sit more and accordingly we move less. Experts assert that occurrence of winter kgs needs to be warned in order to look on all of 100 % in the spring.

A winter food
First of all, it is necessary to adjust a food. Usually in the winter we try to be sated with sweet and fat food, it first of all is caused by desire to be warmed, in such situation to struggle with yourself is useless, also attempts grow thin by means of strict diets can to lead to negative consequences for an organism. The problem dares much easier. The meal unessentially should be nourishing, the main thing is that it would be nutritious. How to distinguish useful products from the harmful? For example, caloric content of a sweet roll makes about 300 kcals, but for an organism it doesn’t bear any value, in turn in the big plate of rice contains approximately the same value but thus it is rich with food fibres, microcells and vitamins. Besides rice is acquired more slowly and you won’t hunger longer.

During the winter period is better a fractional food approaches, in other words is it is necessary gradually and often. Breaks between food intakes shouldn’t exceed four hours. In an ideal it is necessary to eat 5 times a day eating at one time from 200 to 500 kcals. The method essence consists that after a while the organism gets used to constant feed by useful substances and by that the metabolism is accelerated. Eating thus you be charged by energy and improve the state of health. As it is necessary to consider that at a winter food allowance necessarily there should be products accelerating a metabolism, they are: low-fat dairy products, green tea, fat fish, various spices grapefruits and pineapples.

Sports against excess weight
In the winter we move less and it is the fact. In order to compensate a movement lack it would be necessary to visit regularly pools, gyms, sports clubs or, after all they work all year long. In an hour of driving is quite really to say goodbye about 400-500 kcal. Besides employment by these sports strengthens muscles of a stomach, buttocks, backs, feet and hips.

Care of a skin and growing thin by means of wrappings
For this purpose that the figure by the spring would look as much as possible presentably, it is necessary to take care of a skin. Wrappings promote growing thin, humidify and strengthen a skin, deduce toxins from an organism and thus demand a minimum of efforts. It is possible to do wrappings in salon or in house conditions.

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