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Ways A Stationary Bike May Help Improve Fitness

The health benefits of getting regular exercise are well known. Working out at a moderate level, five days per week, for as little as 30 minutes at a time, is recommended for good fitness and well-being. The importance of cardiovascular exercise is widely acknowledged. But, for an exercise program to work, it must also be affordable. A stationary bike, also known as an exercise bike or fitness bike, can fulfill all these needs.

Though getting into shape with a cardiovascular program is a good thing to do, some forms of exercise are riskier than others. While no form of exercise is totally risk-free, weight-bearing exercise such as jogging may put you at risk for joint injuries. A low-impact form of exercise, such as pedaling an exercise bike, does not put a lot of stress on joints and is therefore safer.

Another advantage of using an exercise bike is that it can be done at a pace suitable for any fitness level. The resistance can be adjusted from light to heavy to accommodate the needs of any user, from beginner to top athlete. The pedaling resistance can be adjusted from light to heavy to give you the type of workout you need.

Unlike some other forms of exercise, stationary bikes allow you to catch up on your reading or watch television while you get into shape. You can place a book or magazine on the handlebars while you ride, or there may be a holder attached to the equipment. Often there will also be a place on the bike to keep other items handy, such as the TV remote control and even a water bottle.

Quite a few exercise bikes are equipped with a digital readout so you are able to see how you are doing at any point in your workout. Time, distance, rpm, and speed are common indicators. A pulse monitor may also be included so you can track exactly how hard you are working out and know if you are pushing yourself too hard. All this gives you very valuable feedback (aka eye-candy) to keep you more engaged in your workout.

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While fitness bike are widely available for use at most gyms, there are many advantages to having your own at home. You may not find a bike available when you go to the gym, and you have to wait your turn to use one. Issues of hygiene may also be of concern to you, especially if the gym is very busy and the bikes are not constantly cleaned. Also, you will never have to worry about germs and hygiene as you would with any shared exercise equipment at a gym.

Memberships at a gym or health club involve a monthly fee, which can be expensive over time. The initial expense may be more, but the fitness bike will pay for itself within a short amount of time in membership savings, and can last a long time if properly used and maintained. And, time and travel hassle of going out to a gym will also be avoided, increasing the likelihood that you will actually workout. Having to go out to a gym to exercise is often a strong deterrent to getting the workout you know need.

There are many benefits for physical and mental wellness and longevity to committing to an exercise program. It is even more important to have a workout program with is safe, convenient, and affordable. When you have your own stationary bike, you will be well on your way to realizing all your fitness objectives.

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