Want Muscle Size? Get It Now!

You might find yourself wishing you had more muscles and thinking “how do I get them?”. Well in order to gain “pounds of muscle” you need to do a few things. We’ll elaborate more later.

It certainly is not easy attempting to find out ways to gain lean muscle mass, but when you follow the guidelines in this posting you could start to witness some real development.

Before anything else, ask yourself: just how muscular do I want to be? Try to remember that gaining pounds of muscle is not a roundabout way of increasing your confidence so if you’re just doing it for that purpose then it’s likely that you won’t get the results that you want. I know you’re thinking that this isn’t the case and I’m wrong but trust me it’s true. Confidence should come from within and not from how you look physically.

First things first, you will have to think about the amount of muscle you will need in accordance to what you will need it for like if you’re an athlete or involved in a physical job. Being strong means developing inner strength. You need to be disciplined to get through the program. Hence, you should now be fully aware of what your goals are and what you will need to do to achieve them.

Workout at least 4 times per week with aggression and determination that doesn’t waver. You should realize that you can only go so far as your last workout. Hence, don’t go easy on the weights, skipping a day is not allowed and neither is cheating. Don’t confine yourself to using just one exercise machine, instead try using 3 for every body part. Personally, I target at least two body parts at the gym per day. So that means I’ll be doing 6 different exercises. In a day, that could mean 3 chest exercises and another three for the back.

In the event you eagerly want to gain muscle strength then you will have to be on target and dedicated while working out and stick to your own routine.

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When working out, what you should do is keep reps at a minimum but use heavy weights. Four to six reps should be enough for that. On your last rep, you shouldn’t even be able to do it yourself. On the last rep it’s important that you find yourself exerting an extreme amount of effort just to accomplish it.

Now get up up and pay a little visit to the gym

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