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I guess your wish is to make everybody stare at you with fear/respect/aknowledgement when you hit a front lat spred.You want a V-shaped huge back Let me share with you my story on how I developed my back from a scrawny one to a powerful one.I have still much to learn but incorporating my tips into your workout will definitely make a difference.So let’s begin!

1.Pull ups are great exercise for making a V-shaped back.Yet pull ups by themselves are not enough to get the mass in your back that you are striving for.In order to make them more intense and much more effective you need to go HEAVY.Yes ,if you want big back you have to go HEAVY-always,no excuses here.Get a belt ,get a plate – attach the plate to the belt and go on – make it happen , pull yourself a couple of times with weights and you will feel the difference.If you don’t have a belt just place a dumbell between your knees and proceed.If you want the emphasis to be on the lats – then start your workout with pull ups .Make 2-3 light ones (using your bodyweight only) – you can do ,for instance, 1 set of chin ups and 1 of pull ups.Then go HEAVY. OF course you have to monitor your technique here because when you are using weights you are much more prone to injuries if you are jerking while you are pulling yourself up.Your goal has to be 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down.When you are down your arms have to be fully extended ,not bent.If they are bent – your forearms and biceps are taking most of the pressure while your back it’s just slightly pressured by the exercise.When doing weighted pull/chin ups aspire for 6-8 rep range.You don’t really need more in order to build solid muscle in your back.

2.The second exercise needed for a thick and muscular back is the king among the exercises – the good old deadlift.It’s so basic and it looks so easy to perform yet it requires 100 % of your concentration ,motivation and commitment.On this exercise always go HEAVY (again).By heavy I mean between 4 and 7 reps for a working set (I recommend going 10-15 reps when you are warming up).In my opinion ,you don’t need more to make progress.In order to make it more effective you have to pay attention to your arms-they have to be straight,not bent ,otherwise you might get hurt.If you want to get the best out of the exercise you have to put it in the beginning of your workout.What I do is that if I want the emphasis to be on my middle back and traps ,on overall strength and size, I go for the deadlift as a first and main exercise and then I do my pull ups (They will not be weighted if I put them as a second exercise).

3.A final word on the back – You have to make sure ,when you are training your back,that your arms are 100% recovered because your biceps will take much of the pressure ,especially if you choose to make weighted chin ups instead of pull ups.I’d recommend placing your biceps workout in your back workout,but it’s very important to train the biceps ONLY after your back because if you train it before – you simply won’t have the energy go heavy,which is what we want here.

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And remember – recovery,recovery,recovery – If you have to rest 7 days,if you have to -rest 10 days,it’s ok .But never hit your back after a session like this more often than 1 every 6 days.Otherwise you’ll simply overtrain if you are not “on the juice”.My back workout consists of only these two exercises – 2 sets of each exercise (2 working sets ,the warming up sets are around 3-4 for each exercise).Wish you luck in your path for bigger back.If you have found this article helpful and intersting,you can find more great articles at

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