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Vegetarian Weight Loss – 7 Tips For Effective Weight Loss

Most people, vegetarians or non-vegetarians put on weight because they have the wrong habits in the every day life. So, you should change these wrong habits into 7 effective weight loss habits I am going to tell you about in this article. You will reduce abdominal fat and melt extra pounds in the next few weeks enhancing your health greatly.

Weight Loss Habit #1 – Eat More to Lose Fat
Divide your 3 big meals into 3 smaller ones + 2 light snacks so that you will not consume excess calories. Eat your breakfast at 7 – 8 a.m. have your lunch at about 12 p.m and dinner – at 6 p.m. You can have one snack in between your breakfast and lunch time, to rave your metabolic rate and increase fat melting process, at the same time, providing energy to keep you going. You can cook a small bowl of muesli and a bowl of oatmeal or any other veggie snacks.

Weight Loss Habit #2 – Increase Your Nutritional Intake
Bear in mind that not all vegetarian dishes are useful for your health. If you consume too much fatty, high-sodium, high-sugar veggie foods you can see your belly becoming even bigger and this does not make any difference from a person who eat meat. So, eat more natural veggie meals, which will supply your body with all vital nutrients that it needs and reduce your waistline effectively.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Habit #3 – Eat When You Feel Hunger. Stop When 70% Full.
Fasting can make you gain more weight than ever because starving can cause bigger calorie consumption and storage. Your body does not know when will be the next food and is set on a starvation mode. And when it receives food, it will store many calories because it will need them for further survival needs. So, when you feel hunger always eat. Also, it is recommended to eat slowly. When you feel that you are full, stop eating.

Weight Loss Habit #4 – Refuse from Supper
Some dieticians say that time when you consume food is not critical in the weight loss process. But some researches proved that your body manages caloric consumption differently at different time of the day. For example, your metabolic rate is higher in the day than at night. So, refuse from supper. If you got used to eat in the evening or in late night, you should stop doing this, because you will store more calories.

Nonetheless, if you feel empty in the night, have some light snacks, because if you are hungry in the night you will feel bad in the morning then.

Weight Loss Habit #5 – Make Sure That You Eat Lots of Fiber!
Fiber will remove extra calories from your body. Make certain that you have at least 25 – 30 grams of dietary fiber for more effective weight loss process.

You should enhance your bowel movement after increasing your fiber intake. As fiber absorbs water and passes it out with other wastes, you are recommended to drink more water to refill your body’s water loss.

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Weight Loss Habit #6 – Do Not Drink Too Much Water
Water is vital for effective weight loss and great health. But when you drink more than your body needs, you will maybe suffer from water poisoning. This can damage your health, so be careful.
So, drink just enough water. Drink slowly so that your body has enough time to absorb more minerals and hydrate your body in the right way for effective fat burning effect. Do not listen to all that people say, such as drink about 6 glasses of water per day. Nobody knows better than you how much water your body needs during the day. It also depends upon the climate that you live in and the amount of fiber that you take in. So, if you feel that you can not take it anymore, then stop.

You can test if your body gets enough water. Check the colour of your urine, when it is yellow, you need more water and when it is transparent, then you drink enough water.

Weight Loss Habit #7 – Get Enough Sleep
Depending on every person, some people need 4 – 5 hours of sleep to get enough rest and others need a little bit longer. See, how much time you need to feel rested and energized. When your body gets enough rest and sleep, your body is able to burn more calories.

So, now you have these effective weight loss habits and they will give you a possibility to lose weight quicker and with less efforts put then others do.

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