Weight Loss

Universal Ways Of Decrease In Appetite

The weight reduction problem in our century of high speeds and wireless technologies continues to grow: while the clever techniques carry out the increasing quantity of works for people, they, alas, become inactive and more and more adds in weight.

If the life which pleasures are limited by diets is impossible to you, recollect universal ways of decrease in appetite.

1. Use wonderful properties of a liquid. Probably, everyone knows about how to deceive appetite by means of a banal glass of water. Water instantly fills the corresponding volume of a stomach and for short time dull feeling of hunger. More refined for ideal weight people “specialize” in struggle on vegetable broths: for their preparation are not necessary exotic vegetables and spices, as a rule, enough usual vegetables. The broth prepared by the smart woman is capable to replace a part of micro cells relying to an organism and by means of this visual cunning to “move” hunger flash at some hours. The use of a meat broth from brewing cups is stronger way for appetite suppression, with use of dodge of visible reduction of a food volume.

2. The banal recommendation of the majority of doctors – frequent snacks – this advice is for those who works or just stay at home. The organization of the menu divided on 6 food intakes – the first and second breakfast, an early and late lunch, an easy mid-morning snack and not less easy supper – here the ideal formula of a food for a healthy and active organism.

3. The principle of “slow meal” is very useful for those who want to loose some kilograms. To it is necessary to add the recommendation before meal intake to restore breath and to get rid of a nervous tension.

4. Be always occupied with something. All housewives having authorized access to the wonderful device under the name a refrigerator essentially add in weight, especially if they start to conduct a sedentary life-style, specialize on cooking and seldom leave the house.

5. Know about insidiousness of the Internet and a printed production. At any fascinating reading the organism demands mirror mechanical reaction – the brain works, the mouth chews. The hand itself takes crackers, chips and other guarantors of excess weight.

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6. Weight on scales more often. For some especially sensitive persons scales are injuring, but very effective “entertainment”. Most valuable in it that first signs of excess weight disposal are perceived with delight. On this wave enthusiasm to continue dietary actions increases in some times and it is frequent … everything really turns out!

7. Refuse a supper. The urgency of an ancient saying about a supper, which it is necessary to give to the enemy, grows with every year. Really, it is the most radical way to solve the problem of excess weight. Sometimes it is enough to go sleep earlier to feel better next morning. Do not forget just to have a bite before a dream, minimum having sated an organism with calories – in this case you will not feel hungry in the night.

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