Weight Loss

Unexpected Reasons Because Of Which We Get Fat

As everybody knows, the main enemy of a harmonious figure is a hyper alimentation. Оk, you don’t gluttonize, even try to limit yourself at a table, but to lose weight all the same in any way it is not possible. Probably, your diet doesn’t work because you don’t consider any thin moment in the relations with meal.

I, for example, only have learned recently that calcium from milk and sour-milk products, such as cottage cheese, kefir, and cheese stimulates a conclusion of superfluous fat from an organism. And such thin moments in the newest dietology precipice – why not to use them for you own advantage?

Here some more facts in evidence which have amazed me scientifically. It appears, it is possible to grow stout from one view on a confectioner’s shop show-window; we receive from nutrition different quantity of pleasure, and a combination from Saccharum, fat and salt in one product. Alimentary dependence!

1. We are capable to gain weight from one view at meal

Earlier always laughed and considered it as exaggeration: “it is necessary to look at a cake as then added a kg”. It appears, in vain didn’t trust. Biochemists from Yale University have proved it experimentally. They showed to fairly get hungry participants the test tasty dishes, gave the chance to take pleasure in their aroma and also asked to present mentally appetizing pictures in a head.

At any of these actions indicators of insulin hormone in an organism of the experimental flied up to heavens – as though they have given due to the big dessert or fat pork with a fried potato. Our organism reacts to excess of insulin equally – it starts to process glucose (Saccharum) in a blood in fat. As a result we get fat, at all without having touched meal.

It is warned, means it is armed: the most important rule – if you are hungry, eat. Dense cream soup, cheese-berry cream soups, porridge with nutlets and raisin, a sandwich from whole grain bread with slices of low-fat meat/fish and greens or jelly with slices of fruit – such nutrition won’t add to you calories, but will help to keep sense of fullness and energy for a long time.

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2. Our brain receives different quantity of pleasure from meal

Many people (alas, in most cases, as research experiments testify, it is representatives of the weaker sex) go too far with sweets and fatty products not because they don’t have enough will power that is why that their brain is genetically programmed to receive from meal pleasure. As a result it is required to them, conditionally; to eat cookies, than to harmonious luckies to feel the same effect.

To find out it was possible to scan more recently when neuropsychologists had an opportunity to make a brain tomography by means of a positron-emission. The sites of a brain responsible for reception of pleasure, at such people during absorption of sweat products “glow” activity much more weakly, than at the others.

It is warned, means it is armed: the most important rule – if you are hungry, eat.

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