Weight Loss

Two Variants Of The Diet

The first variant. A house breakfast – 25 % of daily caloric content. A dinner on work – 35 %. A mid-morning snack of the house upon termination of work of 15 %. A supper (not later than at 3 hours before a dream) – 25 %.

The second variant. A breakfast of the house of 30 % of daily caloric content. A dinner on work of 35 %. A supper of the house of 30 % and small food intake before a dream – 5 % (kefir, compote, fruit). Some people got used to have dinner at home accept the most part of a daily diet after returning from work. In such cases usually the first breakfast makes 20 % of the daily caloric content, the second breakfast in a lunch break on work – 25 %, a house dinner after returning from work – 35 % and a supper – 20 %. This variant of a diet has a number of lacks from the hygienic point of view. The late dinner and too small rupture in time between a dinner and a supper is irrational. Thus the diet most part (that is a dinner and a supper) is distributed after 18 ч that is inadmissible. Too late supper contradicts the recommendation according to which last food intake should take place not less than for 2,5-3 hours to a withdrawal to a dream.

Thus, it is recommended to have dinner within the working day not later 14-15 hours. At the expressed propensity to adiposity it is necessary to change a diet. 6-single food intake small portions of sufficient volume I recommended. It is necessary to use widely apples, cabbage, carrots, fresh cucumbers, a boiled beet as snack in the beginning of a dinner and a supper for suppression of feeling of hunger. Private food intakes even in small amounts suppress appetite and create sense of fulness. It is desirable to observe quiet rate of meal as at slow chewing and swallowing the feeling of saturation appears earlier, than at fast meal. Instead of after-dinner rest lying it is better to take a walk in the open air. For normalization of weight of a body it is possible to recommend the following approximate daily set of products: bread rye-300 gramme, sugar – 10 gramme, butter – 30 gramme, vegetable oil – 20 gramme, milk (including curdled milk, acidophilus milk and etc.) – 300-400 gramme, cottage cheese low-fat – 200 gramme, meat and fish – 250-300 gramme, pasta – 35-40 gramme, vegetables (cabbage, a potato, carrots, a green peas, a beet, etc.) – 200-300 gramme, fresh fruit – 250-300 gramme. Caloric content of the resulted set of products makes about 2000 kcal. For regular rough control over weight (weight) of a body taking into account growth of the person it is possible to use the simple form of Brok according to which the weight should be equal to growth (in centimeters) a minus 100 at growth of 155-165 sm, a minus 105 at growth of 166-175 sm, a minus 110 at growth from above 175.

Recently becomes fashionable at excessive completeness self-treatment by starvation. Separate people resorting to a complete starvation within 3-4 weeks on purpose to grow thin lead up to extreme degree of an exhaustion. Starvation without inspection and medical control is fraught with gross infringements in an organism.

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