Try To Change Your Figure In House Conditions

Recently more and more women suffer from the problems connected with excess weight. Especially quickly the figure loses the outlines in the winter as in a cold season the way of life becomes inactive, appetite increases, and caloric content of food also increases.

Many women take radical measures in order to lose weight. Many, for example, find a way out in extreme diets. The visible effect from them really comes, but consider, your pleasure will last not for long. An organism, having spent the saved up fat, will aspire to save up it again with the increased speed, and soon from your beautiful figure there will be no also a trace.

Do not torture yourself in vain, but also do not run into despair! Recollect fine alternative to any diets, that is about playing sports or fitness. The result from employment will be, of course, less appreciable, than from a diet, but it will be more long-term. And if you are involved and will start to receive from carried out exercises pleasure, and will not interrupt them even in the summer your figure will be soon envied by all your girlfriends, acquaintances and fellow workers.

Certainly, you can tell that you are very occupied person, your time is painted on minutes, and on a sports hall at all does not remain time and nobody will release you from house affairs. Then we offer you such variant: transform into a fitness studio space of your apartment! So, we will start.

Exercise №1: wash a floor, without using a mop, watch that at slow inclinations for pumps rags strained all groups of muscles.

Exercise №2: if it is necessary for you to look aside or back, do it without trunk turn, try to turn only a head. Soon you will see that your neck and a chin become beautiful.

Exercise №3: if you are occupied on kitchen at leisure (while porridge or a broth cooks) do serially moves by feet forward-back keeping for a door jamb.

Exercise №4: if it is necessary for you to get something from a mezzanine rise on tiptoe, having extended hands upwards, and fall slowly.

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Exercise №5: when you wash ware, it is very useful to give loading to your legs. For this purpose rise on socks, then fall on all foot, and then tear off from a floor socks and stand on heels – and so until in a bowl there will be no ware.

Exercise №6: make a self-made dumbbell of a plastic bottle having filled with water; bend and unbend at first the right hand with a bottle, and then left.

And now think up other exercises – switch on imagination that the brain worked also actively as well as muscles. Good luck to you and a beautiful figure!

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