Try These Stop Smoking Tips.

It’s known that nicotine works exactly as an appetite suppressant, so there’s no wonder that smoking people have many chances to put on weight when having stopped smoking, even if they don’t eat much. So this strong fear of the rapid weight gain can be a serious barrier for any smoker on his way to quit this nasty habit. In fact many smokers have this nightmare. And they consider their everyday smoking to be their primary rescue tool protecting them from overweight. Among my colleagues and friends such thoughts are widespread to my great regret. It’s known that people often stick to foolish patterns and stereotypes. Perhaps such thoughts also come to your mind. OK, let’s see how to cope with it.

Before giving it up you should prepare bowls full of good nuts and put this stuff near your ashtrays. I should say that this has a double effect for your health. The matter is that besides a positive effect of nuts you form new positive associations with the place for your cigarette butts. So each time you see this lovely bowl full of nuts your brain will create certain associations, positive ones of course.

By the way let me to add something to somebody’s frustration. I have to do this in fact. As you know that there are such guys who can gain weight again having quitted smoking. It’s rather an annoying thing that getting rid of cigarettes can provoke a dip of sugar in blood. So there’s no wonder that these quitters often start eating sugary foods. They really crave this stuff. Perhaps you think that for this purpose you need to fill your fridge with corresponding sugar foods such as your beloved ice cream or chocolate mousse. So if you feel this nasty craving once again then you should try to pop one dextrose tablet in your greedy mouth. It goes without saying that it’s not an ideal solution but at least you can divert getting just a couple of hundred calories.

By the way my client has just given me a great idea. Let me share this brilliant thought with you right now. By the way write down this, perhaps very soon you’ll try this. So to cut along story short this woman took just a bunch of grapes and placed this stuff in the freezer. So each time cravings arise she takes two or three frozen grapes, put them in her mouth and start sucking them until her cravings fade away. So you should also try smoking your cigarettes with these frozen grapes stored in your mouth and I’m sure that you’ll get rather satisfactory results. Of course you should be very persistent to do all of this. I hope you are able to do this.

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