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Treatment Of Warts And Papillomas

We have received the letter about very interesting and rather a vital topic about papillomas. Don’t hasten to cut them at the surgeon! As for example, in the winter immunity is weakened, shortage of vitamins is felt, and we with surprise notice not palatable warts on a skin of arms and feet. And by the summer that is quite possible, there will be whole scatterings of these neoplasms.

It is clear that they irritate and have rather not esthetic appearance. But also, they are infectious, as cause viruses. And still papillomas appear on the face, a neck, under mice and even on genitals. They don’t cause an itch, aren’t ill. Whether so it is necessary to pay attention to such trifles?

Question: how much harmlessare warts and papillomas? Whether they are infectious?
Warts and papillomas, certainly, are infectious, as cause the viruses which have received the name “a human papilloma virus” (HPV). They differ under the form — oblong, pencil-point, ball-shaped, on legs, with the wide basis. Papillomas can be with a keratinization, and can merge with skin color or a mucosa on which they settle down. This virus is many-sided, it is known about its hundred kinds.

Question: How they are transferred?

Primitively enough — at immediate contact to a skin of that person who has warts or papillomas. It is enough to touch a place on which these neoplasms “blossom”, then to rub a cheek or a neck – the virus won’t be slow to “be arranged” with the same arm somewhere in a place convenient for it.

Question: What for HPV is considered comfortable medium?

They love wet and warm medium. Warts prefer the back party of arms, especially often they appear at the thumb basis, between fingers. If at you close footwear, feet sweat, the acid-base balance is broken, occurrence of plantar warts, certainly, after contact with HPV it isn’t excluded. By the way, they can be found out and on palms. These warts take root a head into a skin, letting out outside numerous roots.

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But the dangerous persons of papillomas are what are transferred at sex contacts. They, as a rule, settle down in the most intimate places: in the field of genitals and an anus. These are so-called genital warts.

Question: How to struggle with this dangerous illness?

Live a healthy way of life! I put in this modern concept also that people are simply obliged to know about the illness. If papillomas are seen on open sites of the body most women are obliged at least once a year to visit a medical inspection as papillomas can settle down on a neck of a uterus or in a vagina. That is why you should be very careful about it.

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