Trainings For Aged People

In 50 or 60 life does not come to an end! The set of men and women wish to improve the figure or simply to conduct an active and healthy way of life. Let’s try understand on what it is necessary to emphasise for maintenance of in the excellent form.

The superfluous will not repeat that physical exercises are important at any age, and active way of life in process of growing is fine way to support health, to prolong a life and to avoid possible illnesses. More and more people of the senior generation appear are involved in various kinds of sports, beginning from athletics and finishing an exercise room. To be active and to enjoy a life, it is unessential to be young.

Undoubtedly, trainings for people of the senior generation should differ from trainings for young men and teenagers. Though anybody also does not say that such people are physically incapacitated, simply certain movements should be avoided.

Before scheduling of trainings it is necessary to consult with the medical expert acquainted with your personal medical card – this advice concerns all without an exception. People of advanced age are in bigger risks for health, such as risk of an osteoporosis or an arthritis. Consultation with doctor is the first step.
After settlement of medical questions you can have doubts in with what it is necessary to begin.

The main recommendation is not less than 30 minutes of “moderate physical activity” at least 4 times a week. And though it can seem strange, power preparation should be a priority as it prevents an osteoporosis and loss of muscular weight. Besides, exercises on flexibility and functional movements (simulating everyday actions) are important.

The mentioned below approximate plan switches on four days of trainings of cardiovascular system and two days of power trainings. In case of occurrence of discomfort or pains during training immediately stop and consult with the trainer or the medical expert. Besides, always have with yourself water.

All trainings can become even more interesting if members of a family or friends join you, or in case of their combination with book or magazine reading or TV viewing. You will not notice how 30 minutes will fly by.

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Power trainings.
It is the extremely important to execute warm-up prior to the beginning of exercises. The warming up of muscles before the beginning of exercises does the person to less subject stretchings. Power trainings are recommended to be spent twice a week with duration from 20 till 45 minutes. Besides, it is necessary to support moderate intensity of exercises.

As the hypertrophy of muscles and the maximum development of force, as a rule, are not the purpose for older persons, free burdenings and exercises of a special orientation are not required. Instead one or two exercises for each of following groups of muscles should be carried out: feet, a back, shoulders, hands, a breast and an abdominal tension. Enough two-three approaches till 8-12 repetitions for each exercise. Besides, functional movements should be a priority.

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