Trainings And Alcohol

At first you give up smoking, then reflect that eat and how many sleep, buy beautiful jars with various sports additives even later. All it to make the body attractive. For the sake of beauty it is necessary to change the way of life and if from a cake to refuse easily how to be with alcohol? Birthdays, weddings, parties … Sometimes simply it is impossible to refuse to yourself easy “heating” and, of course, torments a question – as it to be reflected in results of trainings? Whether endurance will decrease, whether there will be a fat? How many it is possible to drink alcohol without serious consequences for an organism? To answer these and other questions let’s try understand that such spirit and as it operates on an organism.

Spirit (ethanol) does not contain some fibers, carbohydrates, fats, but has power value – 7 calories. On the properties it is more similar to carbohydrates, but unlike them it is postponed in muscles for the further use. For our organism spirit is toxic and at the first hit inside starts to be processed with a speed about 10 grammes/hours. For example, if you have drunk 200 gramme of vodka only in 8 hours the organism will get rid of surplus of spirit. In this time in an organism there can be interesting changes which cannot be avoided, but it is possible to try to compensate. You without effort can find a lot of information on harm of alcohol, but us its influence on an organism of the sportsman more interests.

To tell that this influence adverse means not to tell anything!

Alcohol slows down anabolic processes in an organism. It is a consequence of that the gastroenteric path absorbs much less nutrients. In blood there is a deficiency of amino acids, so necessary for muscles. It is badly reflected in your endurance, force and speed.
In one research of 8 men have drunk on 2 wine-glasses of vodka with a break 30 minutes After some hours after “experiment”, level of a metabolism of fats has decreased on the average on 73 %!!! The reason of such effect in how our organism overworks alcohol. Through intestines alcohol quickly gets into blood, and then and in a liver where the first stage of processing begins. Thus, accepting alcohol, you simply force an organism to remove oxidation of fats on a background. Too most occurs at the use of a great number of fast carbohydrates (cakes, sweets etc.) As a result slowed down metabolism of fats leads to their adjournment.

Under the influence of alcohol the organism loses a liquid significant amount. The dehydrated muscles lose elasticity. In such condition active physical activities will harm only and loss of muscular weight.

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