Train Correctly In The Fitness Club

Before the start of the trainings the trainer should tell in details and necessarily practically show how this or that exercise is carried out. Listen to the body: if you feel discomfort – stop to be engaged and address to the doctor.

Consider that at one kinds of physical activity (for example, driving on a bicycle, step-aerobics etc.) you can feel unpleasant sensations in joints, and at others you will not. Choose that does not call discomfort.

Tennis not for the lazy.

If you have decided to be engaged seriously in this kind of sports consider that you necessarily should find time for the general physical preparation. The matter is that at game in tennis basically all loading is necessary on one party – the leader. As a result regular intensive trainings (3-5 times a week) are possible disproportions in physical development. That it has not occurred, it is necessary to carry out exercises which harmonise physical development of all body.

Balls should jump up only.

Under such slogan the well-known tennis-player Anna Kurnikova advertised sports linen. And it is right! Recently English scientists have made original experiment in which 56 women participated.

It appears, female “balls” during run is not simply dashing “jump”, but also describe in air something like the eight: upwards, downwards and more here and there. Scientists have established that for that time when feet of the woman run mile, its breast which has been not constrained by a brassiere jump in free flight about 135 metres (at each step the average breast moves in relation to a body approximately on 9 sm).

Considering that the average weight of one “ball” is made by 200-300 gramme, loading on sheaves and a breast skin (it too carries out supporting function) is really enough high. And the more is a breast, the more amplitude of its movements. Moreover, at some women with volume forms such loading can lead to a pain, sensation of discomfort in the field of a breast after run and other physical exercises.
However it is not so terrible, that will not tell about a stretching the sheaves which are responsible for the beautiful “raised” form of a breast: they are not restored. When participants of experiment have put on usual bras, breast fluctuations were reduced to 38 %, and in special sports brassieres — on 78 %. As you understand, therefore go forward in shop for a sports bra! The main thing is to pick up it on the size.

Dreams of a flat stomach.

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Every woman dreams of a flat stomach and a slender waist. For the sake of this great purpose many of us swing muscles of a press and sit on the strict diets. But it is frequent correct actions, all these do not lead to long-awaited result.

As a result of such “pressure” it is simple not in a condition is high-grade to carry out the functions because of what there can be locks and other frustration of digestion. Oils add to fire and incorrectly picked up diets, after all many women reduce the diet not at the expense of calories, and at the expense of quantity of food that negatively influences digestion processes. As a result you feel got tired, broken, the condition of hair, nails, skin worsens, there can even be spots.

Exit: moderate exercises for a press in a combination to stretching and weakening technicians.

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