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The Tower 200from Body by Jake is really a resistance band training equipment that you mount on any kind of standard door. It presents 200lbs resistance and also 200 various kinds of workout routines. An individual will by no means be board utilizing this exercise machine it has an amazing 2 hundred plus workout routines for you to perform. It’s also designed for a rapid Eleven minute workout, therefore you can not make anyexcuses regarding not having adequate time inside your day in order to workout. There are 3 resistance level bands that are color coded at each side; Red: 40 pounds, black: Thirty five lbs ., and gray: 25 pounds.


The workout is not like most weight training equipment. There is simply no assemblage required, everything you will need is already assembled as soon as the item gets to your doorstep. Easy methods to install the idea is to simply hook the top section on top of the door as well as hooking the bottom part beneath the bottom part of the door. It slides on just about any door in seconds. Indeed, it can be that easy.


The construction feels really solid and secure. Featuring a steel body construction, you certainly will feel perfectly safe and sound while training. You can workout hard or perhaps easy it is going to feel smooth and quiet, so you are able to listen to your favorite music while performing your fitness workout.

Will It Work

Indeed. For anyone who is newbie or have not worked out in a long time, then this could be an excellent suit for you personally. Even if you are a master bodybuilder, these routines work out perfect in your case. This workout that you perform will be considerably different then a fitness center workout. Workout routines will be quicker plus a great deal easier plainly because there is no waiting for workout equipment, zero equipment set up, and forget about cleaning up after someones mess.

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Positive aspects

* Workout Only Eleven minutes each day will give you more time to spend doing stuff you like.
* 200 pounds of resistance. That is more then enough weight to obtain remarkable results.
* More than 200 exercises
* Limited lifetime guarantee
* The Tower 200 can be lifted and put into every door of an home

I believe

I recently purchased the actual Tower 200 due to the fact I packed on a few pounds over the holidays and I have to tell you, it really works quickly. As for a few of the questions using the cords, you’ll be able to combine 2 cords for combined pounds and you can always order extra cords for more weight. It works comparable to its competition and gives me the actual strength I need for my workouts without the cost. So if you are prepared to get Bigger, Harder, Stronger and workout like the 6 time Hall of Fame MMA Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture, then NOW it’s time to order the Tower 200.

Find out pragmatic things to know in the sphere of weight loss – please make sure to read this publication. The times have come when concise info is really within your reach, use this possibility.

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