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Top 10 Weight Loss Facts – False Or True

There are different false myths when it comes to weight loss. So, let’s see the facts about weight loss. Here we list 10 weight loss facts. Think about which one is true or false.

1. Avoid eating in the evening – not if you train in the evening after work. If you like doing late exercises you should refuel your muscles, in other case your performance will do no good. Glycogen is a substance which exists in the bodily tissue as store of carbs. Low glycogen equals the right performance.

2. Saunas will help you reduce weight – Saunas are great but after the procedure your body will suffer from dehydration, so you will need to drink lots of liquids after that.

3. Consuming less carbs will help to get rid of extra pounds. If you cut your intake of carbs you will be supplied with less energy. You will also start to lose muscle tissue. Read point 1 on Glycogen. You need to focus on the right carbs. There are good and bad but do not skip on them.

4. I will start this new celebrity weight loss plan – why? Most of them will promote quick weight loss, which is water instead of fat and when you stop your weight loss diet, you get down to your old habits and put those pounds back. If you make your metabolic slowed down, fat burning process will also be slowed.

5. Consuming lots of protein (for instance, chicken) will ends in more muscle – yes you should eat much protein, but there is a limit as well, and this is 2 grams per kilo of bodyweight. And you can put on weight instead through fat.

6. I want to lose weight quickly – in such a case you have better chances to put in back on. If you decrease weight quickly, especially at early stage of dieting, it is more likely to have excess water because of dehydration. In this case you will lose muscles instead of fat. This will affect any physical workout that you are attempting to do which will slow down the impact on fat reduction.

7. Weight training will add muscle and hence add weight – resistance workouts are essential for you, so make sure that they are included in your exercise program. Twice a week will be enough. When your body will be going through the process of growing muscles, it will burn calories and lose body fat.

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8. It is better to skip breakfast and eat at lunch time – if you skip meals, your metabolism will be slowed down and you will not be able to burn fat and it will be stored in your body. Again, you will be supplied with less energy. So, make sure that you eat small portions and often.

9. Muscle can transform in fat – these are two absolutely different tissue types. Physical workouts will maintain or boost muscle tissue, it depends upon the type of exercise.

10. Avoiding fat will help weight loss plan – you should know that there are good and bad fats. You have to avoid bad fats, saturated fat and hydrogenated fat, but your body need some fat in your weight loss plan, so eat only good fat, such as olive oil.

I think that this article will help you a lot in your weight loss process. Eat in a healthy manner and stay physically active.

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