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Top 10 Tips For Losing Weight – This Is How To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast!

If you are concerned with your weight, reducing the consumption of food can be not enough. A low calorie diet will not always promote effective results. Many people fail to lose weight even they stick to a strict diet. There is one problem that is known as “intermediary metabolism”, this is a mechanism that burns sugar, proteins and fats. The food that we eat is broken down into small pieces to get absorbed by the body. Nonetheless, your metabolic rate is influenced by the production of hormones and by our food options. Consuming excessive fat, carbs and protein can hurtle the adrenals, pancreas, liver and block hormone secretion. Toxins and wastes in your body can block hormones section, and this slows down your metabolic rate.

Top 10 Tips For Effective Weight Loss:

1. Consume spicy foods: spicy foods will make you sweat and you will start losing weight.

2. Have a good sleep and rest. It was researched that people who get not enough sleep and rest are putting on weight.

3. Drink more water: Water is vital for health. It helps to flush out all the toxins and wastes from your body and makes the liver to process the fats the fat reserves.

4. Eat small portions: it is recommended to eat 5 – 6 meals per day instead of 3 – 4 large ones. It will increase your metabolism and supply your body with energy.

5. Do not skip meals: When losing weight most people tend to skip their meals and this is unhealthy as it slows down metabolism and can lead to consuming more food during the day.

6. Do not eat food which contains purines. These are substances that the body struggles to transform into energy to get rid of. These foods can make you exhausted and will promote weight gain. Do not eat shellfish and herring.

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7. Drink green tea: it can rave up your metabolic rate without stressing the body.

8. In crease the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables: this kind of foods will provide you with lots of energy and will not cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels.

9. Reduce, but do not eliminate the consumption of fat (about 15% of calories come from fat), try to eat mostly unsaturated fatty acids.

10. Eat foods with a low glycemic index instead of simple carbs raising blood sugar. Optimally it is recommended to have your meal enriched with complex carbs is about 1 hour after physical workouts (the body can use calories to grow muscle tissue). If you increase the level of insulin when the energy recourses of the body are empty, like after a workout, the nutrients will be absorbed by the muscles.

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