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Top 10 Myths To Lose Weight

Today weight loss is an extremely popular topic for discussion. More and more people are becoming concerned with their weight and would like to get rid of some extra pounds. In this article I am going to disclose you 10 weight loss myths.

Myth 1 – Starving Promotes Successful Weight Loss
Starvation is harmful for your figure, because it sets your body on a starvation mode and your body starts storing fat. Your body understands that there is no energy, it reduces your metabolic rate just to keep energy which is left. Reduced metabolism makes you putting on weight. Starvation can promote temporarily weight loss, but will not make you keep it off on a permanent basis.

Myth 2 – Low carbohydrate weight loss plans promote quick weight loss
Though some people manage lose weight when following low carb diets, it is caused by water retention in your body. Carbs hold up to 4 times more water than protein. It is also silly if you think that you can go on for a long time without consuming carbs. When you begin to include carbs to your diet, you will put on some weight quickly.

Myth 3 – Consuming fat free or sugar free foods will make you putting on weight
The main concept of sugar free and fat free diets is that they are enriched with calories. Many people over eat these fat free foods because they think that they are better for you since they contain reduced level of sugar. You will be putting on weight when consuming more calories.

Myth 4 – Wearing belly wraps will assist you in reducing your weight.
This is my favourite myth. If these wraps were really effective there will not be problem with weight in the world. These wraps will make you lose water, but will be not effective in terms of losing pounds. A simple equation of successful weight loss is eating less calories and burn more of them.

Myth 5 – Salads are healthy, so you can eat any salad you want
This is one of the greatest reasons that many people are attempting to reduce extra pounds fail. Many salads that you consume out at restaurants are enriched with fat and calories. It is not unusual for some salads to contain about 1000 calories and 50 grams of fat. This fat can be added to high fat cheese, bacon and dressing. If you want to eat healthy salads, you should make them at home. You can use low fat healthy ingredients and spinach when making salads.

Myth 6 – Exercising will make you eat whatever you want
Many people think that if you exercise it makes you eat all kinds of unhealthy foods. It is not true. This is why most people are sweating in the gym and still gain weight. If you consume more calories than you burn you will put on weight. It is simple! Try not to think about food as a reward for exercising. The reward should be augmented level of energy and feeling good about yourself. Frozen foods, fast foods and junk foods make you feel bad because they contain lots of unnatural components and preservatives. Care of your body right and supply it with the wholesome foods it needs.

Myth 7 – The Lemon Juice Diet and Pineapple Diet Burns Fat
Exercising is the only thing that helps you burn extra calories in the most effective way. As opposed to what you have already heard or read, such as lemon diets will not promote successful weight loss. Any weight that is lost is added to the starvation associated with such radical weight loss approaches. They are unhealthy and you should avoid them at any cost.

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Myth 8 – Magic weight loss pills makes you lose weight when not exercising or dieting
You will never find a weight loss pill that will help you reduce weight without exercise and some efforts put.

Myth 9 – Exercising for hours per day is useful for weight loss
Though physical workouts promote effective weight loss, overdoing physical workouts can be unhealthy for your body. It is recommended to exercise one hour per day 5 days a week. If your body is lack of rest, it will start using muscles for feeding itself. And reduced muscle mass will cause low metabolic rate decreasing the amount of fat that you burn. Rest and sleep are very important for weight loss.

Myth 10 – Sit ups are the most effective way to lose belly fat

Though sit ups are good for making the core muscles stronger, they do nothing to decrease stomach fat. Belly fat can be lowered through the right weight loss program and cardio workouts. This requires some efforts and takes a long time.

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