Tonsillitis Is Rather Dangerous For Sportsmen.

At the sportsman reduction of immunity under the influence of high-intensive trainings often bring the chronic center of an infection in a throat. Tonsils do not cope with the role of a bacterial barrier and become an infection source. Disease is called as a chronic tonsillitis and as have shown researches, arises at athletes because of typical reduction of resistibility of mucous membrane of a throat.

Professional sportsmen usually consciously ablate tonsils, and hare is a reason for this. In 85-95 % of people, who have tonsillitis, finds out pathological changes in cardiovascular system sooner or later. And almost half of them have heart pain, which exclude any kind of trainings.

Danger of a tonsillitis is that no means always it is accompanied by a sore throat. Seasonal exacerbations of disease in the autumn and in the winter usually regard as quinsy. The problem is aggravated with that the doctors not familiar with features of an organism of the athlete, are often limited to superficial examination of a nasopharynx. Meanwhile, revealing of tonsillitis at the sportsman demands research of the blood and special bacterial analyses.

The sportsman should know that at overwhelming number of people, who have tonsillitis have heart pain. So if you feel heart pain of different duration (from several minutes to several days) it is quite possible that your tonsils became a source of bacterial danger.

Quite often start to a tonsillitis is given by not complete cure of quinsy. Specificity of bodybuilding, for example, that the body builder should cure this rather simple disease, which others pass easily, having enlarged term of rehabilitation at least for 5-6 days.


The infection traveling in an organism, quite often affect cholecyst. It inflames and starts to hurt. However, acute pain in right the hypochondrium happens only during exacerbations. Even if you don’t have pain, though the cholecyst will poison bile with many pathogenic bacteria.

The cholecystitis is completely curable, however, it is necessary to have patience to cure it. Treatment lasts till 4 months and demands full refusal of trainings.

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Diagnostics of a cholecystitis is usually not difficult for the doctor. Symptoms are obvious: an acute pain in right body side, the high temperature, a sweating, and nausea, vomiting… However the cholecystitis of the body builder cannot have such features and proceed listlessly, almost asymptomatically. Here much depends on the sportsman. At least once in half a year visit the expert – the gastroenterologist. Today doctors of this direction of medicine are equipped by exact equipment – the ultrasonic scanner, capable to give “the live” information on a condition of an internals directly on the telemonitor screen. Diagnosing even insignificant inflammations in a cholecyst occurs unmistakably.

If it will appear that you have chronic cholecystitis, immediately undertake treatment. This disease is rather dangerous to the sportsman. The vigorous blood flow is capable to infect with an infection all gastrointestinal tract! A disbacteriosis, enteritis, intestinal pains, an appendicitis inflammation – here are only short list of potential dangers.

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