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Tighten Stomach Exercises That Work

Most of us want to find ways to get a flat stomach. The problem is that most of us have at least a small pouch bulging out right around our belly button and spreading over to both left and right sides. I have found a couple of tighten stomach exercises that work pretty well in flattening that extra pouch. If you spend your time and put forth some effort you can get those washboard abs to peek through that belly fat and wow your friends with a tight stomach. Here are three exercises that will pinpoint your stomach muscles.

Tighten stomach exercise # one is called the plank. All you do with this exercise is to get in a push-up position and then rest your body on your forearms and toes. So you will be stretched out in that upright push-up position and then just hold all your weight on your forearms and toes for as long s you can. You will feel this in your core in less than a minute and if you can hold it for two minutes you are doing great.

Tighten stomach exercise # two is simply doing pull-ups. I have a pull-up bar in the doorway to my home office and I do as many as I can every other day. I do this throughout the day as I leave or enter my office. Helps my biceps for sure but you will feel and see it in you core stomach muscles as well. I do my pull-ups until I enter what is called failure. Failure simply means that you do them until you cannot do any more.

Tighten stomach exercise # three is an abdominal bicycle. Begin by lying on your back with your knees and hips at 90 degree angles and your head and shoulders slightly off of the ground with your fingers lightly touching your head. The just crunch the left side of your body off the floor and bring your left elbow and right knee together at the same time. Then extend your right knee out and bring your right elbow and left knee together. This will mimic a bicycling movement as you are lying down just remember to keep your legs stretching out straight and not cyclically.

If you really want a flat stomach you will also have to lose belly fat. It is not enough to just spot reduce. In fact, spot reducing will not work if you are not also burning fat and getting some exercises for the rest of your body. Eat the right kinds of food and get some cardiovascular exercises going along with these tighten stomach exercises. You will not be sorry that you put forth the effort.

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