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Tiger Woods Workout Program

By Ed Scow

Whether you play golf or not, I’m willing to bet you know who Tiger Woods is. He is one of the few people in sports who become a celebrity throughout the world.

He’s going to go down as the best golfer in history and some would argue he already is.

There are a lot of things that Tiger can credit for his golf game and one of them is his fitness regimen.

He is very secretive about pretty much everything in his life and that includes his workout program. This has lead some to believe that he’s doing something illegal, like steroids, in order to get his physique and excel on the course.

That’s ridiculous. Tiger is very fit, but a steroid user he is not.

When it comes to fitness, though Tiger has changed the game of golf. He has made everyone start paying attention to their fitness as it pertains to their golf game. Even Phil Mickelson looks like he’s started to pay a little attention to his waist line.

Not to mention that all the young golfers are coming in a few steps ahead of the older guys because they’ve been training for years.

But what’s so special about Tiger’s workout program? Is there anything special about it? Does he do some secret workout program invented by the Soviets? I’m sure that’s it because the Soviets were always known for their awesome golf game.

I don’t think it’s a secret at all. He just does what he needs to do to be a better golfer. He focuses on exercises that will make him excel on the course. He focuses on strength and mobility.

I can almost guarantee you that he doesn’t spend hours upon hours sitting on weight machines in his home gym doing regular old Machine Chest Presses or Machine Lat Pulldowns.

He most likely focuses on full body movements as well as some “core specific” moves to help him better his game.

Here are some of my favorites that I use in my own programs and with clients.

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1) Lots of push-ups. Focusing on push-ups will not only work your chest, but also your shoulders, triceps (back of your arms), upper back, butt and core. All of those things need to be strong to have a good golf game.

There are seemingly endless amounts of different types of push-ups so it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced exerciser.

2) Core moves like Planks and Mountain Climbers. Just like push-ups, these are excellent core strengtheners and stabilizers and will help your game tremendously.

They also help with your endurance which will help you push through late in the round.

3) Lower body bodyweight movements like squats and lunges. The golf swing uses a lot of hip power, not just your upper body. If you only use your upper body in the golf swing, you’re asking for an injury and a really bad golf game.

Having strong legs and hips will lengthen your drives and increase your stamina, especially if you want to walk the course.

4) Proper nutrition. This has to be a part of any golfer’s fitness program. If you pay attention to Tiger at any tournament, you’ll see him eating fruit, nuts and drinking electrolyte drinks and water throughout the rounds.

He knows how important these things are to his golf game and his health. Eating things like fruit and nuts while golfing will help keep your brain sharp and focused which will help ensure you don’t choke in the later holes and turn a good round into a 120.

So take a hint from Tiger, and me, and work these things into your workout program and I guarantee you’ll be hitting it farther and straighter in no time, not to mention burning more fat and getting a better physique.

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