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There Are So Many Diets

There are so many diets. A large quantity of power supplies systems, which are developed by dieticians of the most different countries to make women better. How to choose a diet, which will be better for you? Whether there is such diet on which it is not necessary to limit sharply yourself in consumption of products. Today, I wish to tell about a water diet. So, we grow thin by means of a water diet!

So, the water diet is simple enough: important to drink not less than 2, 5 liters of water in a day, it promotes decrease in appetite and dump superfluous kg. Certainly, as well as any power supply system, water diet has some features, but about it later. For now, what can be easier, than drink water and grow thin?

To begin with it is necessary to understand what advantage of water to understand a principle of dump superfluous kg on a water diet. Answer one question: how many water (water, instead of coffee, stakes, tea, milk) do you drink in a day? A glass? Two? And you know that our body almost on 80 % consists of water. If every day not to conduct liquid restoration in an organism, sooner or later it will affect your appearance. There will be dry hair, wrinkles, an unhealthy complexion, besides, there can be internal diseases because of water shortage. There can be weariness, headaches, and problems with system of digestion and, as consequence, excess weight. Many drinks are diuretic and it is necessary to drink a cup of coffee or an aerated water small bottle as already in half an hour you go to a toilet. If to drink water in enough your organism will answer it with gratitude. In water contain necessary elements and micro cells for normal work of internals: Oxygen, minerals, salts. All it promotes an extraction of slags and organism saturation by all necessary substances.

How do we grow thin by means of a water diet? All is very simple: you drink in a day 2, 5 liters of water, the feeling of hunger decreases and you eat less. By scientists it is found out that very often our brain misapprehends signals, which are submitted to it by a stomach. If there is a feeling of thirst the brain can apprehend it as feeling of hunger, as a result, we make tea and we eat cookies or chocolate or we impose to ourselves the whole plate of a potato, but it would be quite enough to drink a water glass. And each superfluous eaten roll or a piece of fried chicken will by all means affect our figure. If your stomach is really sent a thirst signal in twenty minutes the desire will pass. But, naturally, it is necessary to drink only the pure water, any aerated water, tea and coffee. It is not necessary to eat fried fat food and sweets; it is necessary to go in for sports (those who really wish to grow thin know it.

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