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The Water Weight – How To Lose It?

The loss of water weight is an important part of a weight loss program.

The water weight can be very difficult to change. Trying to lose water weight many people do id completely wrong. Extra weight and retention of water in particular parts of the body can be caused by different things. In most cases it is often caused by an increase in sodium, as salt. Too much salt causes water retention, and that makes our bodies store water.

There are many ways to lose water weight, but first you need to clarify the exact reason. As it was already mentioned, this could occur due to increased salt intake, or even if you began to take your prescription drugs. There is a great number of pills such as blood pressure tablets that may also cause this problem.

So the first step is to consult your doctor about any medicines you are taking. Sometimes tablets for blood pressure can cause excessive weight gain of water around the ankles, making movements awkward. It is also very difficult to sleep, as the ankles often have to be raised. You may be able to change the medication.

Drink plenty of water

Secondly; it is important that you drink plenty of water. A lot of people think that drinking lots of water is completely different of what it is necessary do to lose water weight. Unfortunately they are completely wrong. If you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day, your body will go into “survival mode”. This may lead to even greater problems! Water is the best diuretic that can give to your body, and everything is completely natural, so you should drink 8-10 glasses a day.

Limit the intake of salt

Be sure to limit your salt intake. High sodium or salt is usually the main reason of water retention. A poor diet with high levels of salt, is often the main cause of water retention. Try to buy foods that are low in sodium, in order to reduce the amount of water in your body.

You can also drink green tee. Green tea is also very popular because it can not help with weight loss of natural water, but has perfect great antioxidant properties; all you need do is drink a glass or two a day.

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Another very important and useful thing is of course a proper healthy diet! A great number of people completely forget about this vitally important factor. If you do not get enough protein in your diet, this can also be the reason of extra water weight, so it’s important to consume fruits and vegetables because it can assist to cure and even prevent the retention of water.

Are you active enough?

Increased activity levels also can significantly increase the chances of weight! If performing exercises like cycling, tennis or just walking and running, you can get rid of excess water in the most common areas of excess water weight!

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