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The Truth About Bikram Yoga And Weight Loss

Bikram yoga is getting more and more popular because it helps to promote weight loss. Bikram yoga helps to improve your metabolism and this leads to better calorie intake. Moreover, Bikram yoga uses high heats which help to burn around 450 calories per session. But there is one problem when losing weight through hot yoga, this is dehydration, because high temperature used in this type of yoga make your body lose water. If you decided to get involved into this yoga regime, then you should supply your body with enough water so that is does not suffer from enough of fluids.

Bikram`s Yoga comprises seven main weight loss methods such as the following: B.R.E.A.T.H.E., which is true, because all forms of yoga are concentrated on breathing techniques. So, when breaking down the word breath, we can see the fundamentals of the Bikram yoga for weight loss.

So, here is how it can be broken into simple words:

B – Beliefs
Weight loss can be attained when changing your thoughts and beliefs for balancing your inner state. Since yoga teaches patience, it also leads to acquiring healthy eating habits.

R – Regular Yoga Routine
When doing Bikram Yoga on a regular basis, you can notice positive changes in your cravings for specific types of food. Also, you will start making some behavioural changes that will affect your body in a positive way. Also hot yoga enhances breathing strength greatly and this will relieve stress. When the stress level decreases, it reduces the tendency of the body to over or under metabolise. To incorporate this new weight loss pattern, you should practice hot yoga at least 3 times a week.

E – Eating Habits
To shed those excess pounds effectively, you should stick to a healthy and balanced diet plan. If you practice hot yoga 3 times a week, your body automatically start targeting for healthy eating options, which affects your body in the most positive way.

A – Self Acceptance
Bikram Yoga also teaches self acceptance, which increases your confidence level and emotional stability.

T – Throw away embarrassments
When people begin weight loss management, they tend to control their weight on scales and when they do not see fast results, they lose faith and give up. So, get rid of these embarrassments.

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H – Hydration
Staying hydrated is not only important when practicing Bikram yoga, but also when you follow a plain diet plan, because water plays a significant role in melting fats and calories. If the water levels in your body are low, then you will not achieve the desired results with Bikram yoga. Bear in mind that water is necessary for breaking fats.

E – Excellence
Excellence in Bikram Yoga is the next vital component for successful weight loss. If the yoga routine is not performed in a proper way, then the body will not respond to hot yoga and will not lose. Try to do the poses correctly and listen to your coach attentively.

To make a conclusion, these seven factors are vital for successful weight loss which can be achieved through Birkam yoga.

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