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The Top List Of The Most Foolish Diets!

On the first place of our charts the liquid diet has settled down:

10 days we eat nothing, but only drink. What you can drink is oat broth, divorced fruit and vegetable juice, milk, broths, compotes without sugar and vegetable broths without salt.

Teeth on a shelf, literally words. And a dummy on this diet do not apply either, interesting?

The second place with honor is occupied with an orange-egg diet:

In each food intake you eat 2 eggs. And to them are added oranges mainly, but such products, as grapefruit, spinach, cottage cheese and some other sometimes also supposed.

Probably, authors of a diet thought that to eat absolutely incongruous products will be to you so hard that you would prefer to do without dinner at all, than to chew once again eggs with oranges and spinach

On the third place there is Italian diet “Traffic light”:

Products in this diet are distributed not on caloric content, the maintenance of fats, fibers and carbohydrates, but exclusive on color. To begin a meal it is necessary from red products, then yellow, and for snack to leave the green products. Everything that is not entered in this color scale should be taken away with contempt from a ration.

From the point of view of dietology of logic, probably, it is amusing to collect a dinner as a puzzle: first a raspberry, then a fried potato, for a dessert – a cucumber. Or on snack a tomato, as the basic dish a banana, and then a gooseberry cup. Besides always it is possible to save fine on campaigns on restaurants: hardly there it will turn out to eat something entered in your new power supply system.

The fourth place belongs to “the Diet of the cave person”:

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We make a ration exclusively from: crude meat, crude fish, berries, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit, characteristic for your district. Naturally, any salt, sugar, tea, coffee.
Interesting, that to authors of this diet did not come to mind that for cave people have tamed fire? For certain it is not that their far-far descendants have again returned to eating of crude meat. Without saying that good health of these most cave people is simply myth. Their life expectancy did not exceed 18 years.

On the fifth place – a three-day diet on hot dogs:

Three days we eat only hot dogs. No more than one at one time nutrition.

In our opinion, it is the best illustration to ordinary expression “What to eat to lose weight”?

Well and the last place by right belongs to a food under the scheme “every other day”

One day we eat everything and another day is fasted. It is possible to name this power supply system “farewell for a metabolism”. The better way to teach the organism to reserve any crumb for the future is difficult to find. Add to it the loosened nerves from constant necessity to behave in control. And if also not to drink, dehydration, a disadvantage of salts and minerals of an organism, problems with kidneys, the dim skin, a brittle hair and fingernails to you will be provided. In general, it is not a diet, but a hymn of human short-sightedness.

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