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The Stress And Weight Loss Connection

The stress and weight loss don’t go together. If you want to lower the pounds, you should get rid of the stress. Here is why the stress is so bad for you and there are some ways to reduce your stress so that you will be able to grow thin.

So, what is the main concern with the stress and fat? The stress makes you being fat because of the hormone named cortisol.

Go back to the days when your ancestors had to run from animals who wanted to eat them, their bodies required the mechanism which would push and would help them running faster when they were pursued. That is the main reason why you have adrenal glands. Their work should answer your uneasy state and should frame the substances which cause the fast energy. One of those substances is cortisol.

The problem today consists in that when you are upset about something or when you are depressed or just stressed, your body answers as though you are valid your life, and your adrenal glands have to work. They create the additional cortisol, but you don’t use it, because you are not actually in a situation which demands the additional physical energy. Thus the cortisol is stored as fat in your stomach. That is why the fatness and stress are so closely bound.

So, what can you do with this? You should find the ways to have control over the life problems easily. You should blow off the stress and reduce the anxiety. You should be cool.

Here are some ways with the help of which you can do this:

1. Take mini breaks. One reason why you become so stressed is that you continue working and working. You plan your working day at a great speed.

The researches show that people, who go far from their work or who are concentrated on the other activities for pair of minutes each hour to clear their heads, have lower risks of the stress. During these breaks, you can close your eyes for the several minutes and visualize a beautiful place, taking deep breath, observing children or playing animals, watching the amusing video and establishing the timer.

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2. Plan longer time for relaxation period during your day.

Overstraining people tend to be those who never occupy time for themselves. You should place the personal care in the top your daily list. Taking a long hot bath, reading of the good book, getting massage or walking outside in the fresh air will actually make more for your efforts to become slim than the warm-ups and starvation with the restrictive diets.

All sitting on a diet and exercising in the world can’t counteract the chemical reactions piling pounds when you are in the chronic state of intensity. You should give yourselves time to take the stress out.

3. Laugh.

Laugh at least once a day for some minutes. Even if there is no any reason to laugh you should laugh. Your counterfeit laugh will turn in real and even if it remains strange it can help you. The research has shown that chemicals let out by laugh can relax you and take out your mood so effectively that you can feel as if you have taken the drugs. The laugh frames the good feeling of “narcotics” in your body.

It is realistic to lose weight fast. But if you plan to see any results with weight loss, then you should better know this weight loss info.

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