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The Side Effects Of The Quick Weight Loss

Nowadays overeating is the huge epidemic which is widely spread in the United States. According to the later statistics more than half of all Americans are obese. However, the saddest aspect of this issue is the fact that at least one out of five children also suffers from obesity. Admittedly, there are many people who are crazy about losing weight and are so obsessed with it that spend the last sums of money in order to overcome it. Very often such situations lead to the unprecedented outcome of having lots of side effects that can badly influence the state of the health. Here below I have listed the number of those side effects that can be caused by rapid weight loss.

1) In spite of the fact that the majorities of side effects are connected with the fast weight loss, they are surely temporary in their nature. However, one of the serious problems relates to the Gallstone which is considered in the medicine world as the hazardous one. It was scientifically proven that this is due to the sudden stoppage and active restriction of food. What happens during the weight loss period is that the balance between the bile salts and cholesterol in the body is shifted. Finally, this concoction forms into the special lump which is then deposited either in the bile ducts or in the gall bladder. Sudden cessation of food consuming also tends to result in the numerous contractions in the gall bladder and thus leading to the stone formation.
2) Another serious side effect belongs to the loss of muscle mass. The thing is, when the body cannot find the food inside your stomach, it still needs to fuel its daily activities. It means that it starts looking for another source of energy. As the result, it starts considering your muscle mass when the body fat cannot be found.
3) Remember forever that the loss of the muscle mass leads to the loss of water in the organism and this is another topic for discussion.
4) Interestingly, although it sounds far-fetched, but the fast weight loss gives the push to shivering of the body. Usually, this happens when the person undergone the weight loss surgery which insisted in the removal of fat out of the body of the patient. What fat does is provide body with the heat. When there is no fat in the organism, the heat of the body is lost and this is the reason for the shivering.
5) The most cosmetic disadvantage of quick weight loss is the skin which usually hands loosely on the body. In fact, it is really hard for the skin to wrap around the bony structure of the body.

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