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The Reason Of Excess Weight Is Disoperation Of Our Digestive System

The confidence that it will be possible to grow thin for us is based on ability of our organism to a radical change. Only don’t get ready for fast, momentary result. It is not a diet. Being based on a private experience and on experience of my friends and relatives, I advise not to consider growing thin as end in itself.
The reason of excess weight is disoperation of our digestive system, and directly connected with it, metabolic disorder. Therefore, let’s get ready for reduction of our digestion in norm. We need to normalize, first of all, a metabolism in our organism. And growing thin will be a natural consequence of normalization of a metabolism.
Our organism also wants to get rid of excess weight. Adiposity is a condition not natural for it. Therefore growing thin process will begin, as soon as our digestion will start to settle into shape. Growing thin will not be very fast (though, already there are cases of fast enough weight reduction), but it will be irreversible. As soon as we normalize our digestion, then the metabolism will also settle into shape. That, in turn, will put in order work of all our bodies. Further natural process of normalization of weight (growing thin) will begin.
It is important to get ready for that it is not necessary to us to refuse something. On the contrary, from that day we start to indulge the organism and the digestive system. We will make a holiday for the stomach. We will give to the digestive system all of what it dreams. All that for it is salutary and is useful. Don’t be surprised it works.
It is necessary to divide all products on two groups. In one there will be products, which are useful to our digestive system. These are the products rich with cellulose and dietary fibers. These are the products rich with natural vitamins and minerals.
We name this list «good products». In it will be:
– First, all kinds of cereals, except white glazed rice; it is wheat, a rye, barley, an oats, corn, etc.; as, the products made of integral grain.
– Secondly, all kinds bean is peas, a string bean, lentil, etc.
– Thirdly, all vegetables except a potato.
– All kinds of fruit, it is less only bananas.
– Any nuts, without restrictions.
– All berries, without restrictions.
– Green and black tea (it is more useful green), without restrictions, but without sugar.
– Any greens.
– Oil vegetative (not refined).
As you see, the list already impressive. And it is far not completed. It is possible to eat all without restrictions. Each of these products will be only of use for our digestion. Fast boiled meat is possible. But it is necessary to limit the use of meat.
The second list we name «bad products». Into it will be:
– White flour and products from white flour.
– Starch.
– Sugar.
– Fat meat.
– Artificial fats.
– Substitutes of products.
– “Food” additives and artificial vitamins.
– The aerated drinks (are very harmful to digestion).
– Salt and spices (as less as possible).
As you can see there are not many restrictions. And if to consider what harm these products can do, it is not restrictions at all.
Good luck! Eat what you like and make your figure better!

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