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The Proper Balanced Eating Should Be A Real Pleasure!

Probably you have come to a conclusion about necessity to change something in your former relation to a food if you are reading this article. Perhaps, at first to you will seem that it isn’t too simple, but show firmness and don’t give in to desire to return to old habits. Very soon you will feel how food reorganization on your physical and a state of mind favorably affects your health.

Entire foodstuff should be fresh, do not contain harmful substances and whenever possible remain in the natural kind.

Some councils concerning healthy food

Let’s pay special attention to some key rules:

At proper food ration the person receives mainly carbohydrates from vegetables, fruit and products from integral grains, enough of fiber and isn’t enough fat.

Buy fruit, vegetables and integral grains where they are grown up without application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers as agents for spraying and fertilizer overload our organism with unnecessary substances and often lead to allergic diseases.

Consume as much as possible foodstuff in a raw state as each time at processing they lose the most valuable substances containing in them. Therefore eat as much as possible foodstuff in a crude kind or vegetables and fruit only after sparing thermal processing.

Avoid such denatured products, as the white flour, refined Saccharin or cleared rice.

Buy only fresh fruit and vegetables in very small amounts because at storage they lose vitamins and mineral substances.

Refuse whenever possible from ready products as they contain a considerable quantity of additives which cause the increasing suspicion as the reason of occurrence of various kinds of allergy reaction.

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Eat as less as possible meat and sausage. From time to time in your menu there should be a sea fish as in it there are a lot of iodine. Consuming iodine in enough proportion you provide normal functioning of a thyroid gland.

Accept nutrition few times in day in small amounts. It promotes maintenance of constant level of Saccharin in a blood and enough stable working capacity.

Pay attention that in one portion of nutrition you consumed basically carbohydrates, and in another — mainly the protein. It will help the organism to digest nutrition better.

The nutrition containing carbohydrates provides to you good mood, but at the same time from it there is a feeling of weariness. Therefore pasta or rice is better for consuming in the evening.

If you have to work with concentration, eat during the day nutrition rich with fiber as it stimulates vivacity of thought and provides endurance.

And here that is still very important: cook food with love. Set the table, even if you eat in loneliness, with special carefulness and always beautifully make out dishes, because the one who eats with pleasure in very big degree promotes composure conservation.

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