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The Program Of Weight Loss That Should Not Be Shared: How It Works?

The program asserts that clinically checked up natural substances will help to dump to 10 kilograms of weight for 30 days, without subjecting an organism to the strict diets, hunger-strikes, trainings to exhaustion and surgery. “You won’t simply lose 10 kg of weight”, but also growing thin will occur at the expense of fatty layers in the most problem body places, such as a stomach, hips, and breeches.

But that the most pleasant is that you will grow thin for ever. The use of organic products, such as: fruit, vegetables, salads, and coconut oil, along with a considerable quantity of water, the daily injections of HCG, expensive pills, full clearing of an organism and daily pedestrian walks will transform your body to the “fat burning car”.

Experts repeat again and again: if it is so simple, so why we have adiposity epidemic in the USA? The representative of the American Association of Dietarians of Robert Andyng, points out the defects programs and recommends to consult with the Scientific Unions of a Food and to pay attention to 10 factors, before throwing out money for a useless diet.

10 factors of uselessness of a diet:

References which promise, fast adaptation

Too simple regimen and fast results.

The simplified conclusions made as a result of difficult scientific research.

The references based on unique research.

Drama statements which are denied by dear scientific organizations.

Lists of “good” and “bad” products.

References, for the purpose of product sale.

The references based on researches, without the careful analysis.

References on the basis of researches which ignore difficulties among groups of people.

The diet program that should not be shared: What you can eat?

The author results very short list of admissible products, and the long list of products which should be avoided. Such program assumes global growing thin even in the sleep:

8 glasses of water daily.

Big breakfast.

Refusal from:


Artificial sugar substances,

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Dietary soda,

Dietary nutrition,

Dietary nutrition,

Corn syrup,

Dishes of a fast food,

White sugar and flour,

Artificial stains,



Buy organic meal in special shops or in the farmer markets and avoid products of the big grocery companies.

No meal after 18:00.

Use exclusively 100 %-s’ organic, crude coconut oil.

Never eat, if do not test hunger.

Eat the big portions of salad during a dinner and a supper.

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What do experts speak?

Experts agree that there are no scientific substantiations of the given diet. They also assume that blind following to the program can lead to problems with health and to a considerable quantity of in vain spent money. And even if you will manage to grow thin, this effect, unfortunately, will be just for some time. It is offered almost impossible diet, therefore, if you cannot consult with it, you will blame yourselves for weak character, instead of the author for unreality.

It is possible to become slim. Those who are searching for how to do that, should review Fast Weight Loss Tips. Of course there are many ways to reach the goal but if you require a natural one, review Oral HCG. Girls and women certainly need to discover more details about Weight Loss For Women.

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