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The Personal Choice Of A Diet Is Injurious To Health

The medicine as doctors ironically mark concerns those scientific spheres which each of us understands trying to put the knowledge into practice.

Meanwhile the majority of inhabitants do harm submitting it is not known whence to the undertaken prejudices, especially if it is a question of self-treatment and a diet choice.

After the spent researches of food preferences of the population scientists have been surprised by that the errors reigning in this sphere are much powerful and ridiculous. It has appeared that millions people in Great Britain have independently made themselves the diagnosis – intolerance of any products. And, accordingly, have ceased to use them.

This mania to refuse from useful and, moreover, necessary for a metabolism has arisen against general fear before food allergies. Really, every year there are more and more allergic persons, but the army of hypochondriac people is in parallel multiplied also, whose diet is deprived some important nutrients because of their groundless biases.
By approximate calculations, there are 12 million people in the United Kingdom who have refused of certain products because of their intolerance. And about a quarter of all these British citizens are mistaken including these products harmful. Besides, the experts conducting research suspect that remained nine millions persons also could become victims of error or excessive suspiciousness.
Almost 40 % from 1500 respondents believe that intolerance of any kind of food is very fashionable and actua, because such diagnosis is put by prestigious dieticians to the Hollywood celebrities. Tabloids constantly inform something like that: actress can’t eat wheat, TV presenter suffers from inability of his organism to acquire starch, and the former wife of the singer doesn’t transfer lactose completely having refused of it.

As to the inhabitants trying to resemble in all the idols the belief about special harm of grapefruits and a land for some reason dominates. Because of mass distribution of this dietary mania scientists are already ready to sound alarm. The intolerance of a concrete kind of food is not the same that a food allergy. One business is when because of allergic reaction to meal of the patient starts to choke and becomes covered by a rash. And absolutely another is when after a dinner the person suffers from problems with the digestion caused by inability of an organism to acquire any substance.

However, symptoms of intolerance of a product aren’t too pleasant, there can be a strong nausea, vomiting, a pain and weight in a stomach and also the complicated breath. But actually these external signs which many people are inclined to write off on food intolerance frequently have absolutely other reasons. And in this case simple refusal of food can not only not bring advantage but also to become a harm source as the true reason of an illness remains not revealed and, hence, isn’t treated.

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It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where information makes life easier. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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