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Splits 59 is more than a women’s Fitness wear company started by triathletes; it’s an attitude. It’s a flat out refusal to settle for good enough and a burning desire to push harder, go further and be stronger.

This attitude is reflected in our Womens fitness clothing entire collection, which lives at the intersection of fitness and fashion. With sleek silhouettes and performance enhancing fabrics, these clothes work as hard as you do. They are pieces that go the distance … just like you. Whether it be running a marathon or just cranking it up another level on the treadmill, your personal best is just a split second away. Made in the U.S.A.
“An hour a day keeps the crazy away.”
I like this saying better than the apple/doctor version.

I recently returned from a trip with my boyfriend who said “I’ve never worked out every day on a vacation in my life”. His daily vaca workout wasn’t totally done on his own volition seeing as I kicked him out of the room every morning so I could do my Pure Barre thing (I didn’t think squeezing my seat and thighs while holding on the mini-bar, bathroom sink and balcony railing in front of him in the 400sf room was the best decision). However, he did say how good he felt when we returned and that it was the first time he didn’t gain weight while on vacation.

I may be wired a bit differently- I wake up in the mornings and can’t wait to workout, vacation or not. Having more time while on vacation to get in a good workout and not feel pressured to get to the next thing is heavenly. The endorphin rush and mind-clearing just an hour of physical activity a day brings is my motivation personally, and for the protection of others. I think that “an hour of exercise a day keeps the crazy away” and that is good for all parties involved!

Several months ago, I took on a challenge that I would have never dreamed of completing. Not one, but two triathlons: The South Maui Olympic Distance Triathlon and the San Diego International Triathlon. Having signed up with TEAM in Training (TNT), I had a truly exceptional group of people to train with and get to know throughout the 5 month preparation for our races. Not only did I get whipped into great shape, I learned so much about life, and became a changed person along the way. One of the most amazing parts of TNT is that we strive to complete our races on behalf of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help fight cancer. I spread the word with letters, social media and fundraising events. The response was astounding! Each day I literally became teary eyed as I observed the dollars being so generously donated, not just by my family and close friends; but by classmates I hadn’t seen in over a decade, complete strangers who were moved by the cause, or who battled cancer themselves. I learned about people’s stories of survival and devastating loss. I was told that my participation inspired others to sign up for a race with a cause too! I was thanked for what I was doing, and I was praised for the commitment it required. It all boggled my mind and I was simply amazed with people. The heart, the selflessness, and the drive impressed me and forever made an impression on my soul! All my life I’ve said, “I want to make a difference.” This time, I am so proud to be a part of helping make one!

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Every time, a hill seemed too steep, or a swim seemed too long, I remembered for who and why we were doing this triathlon training. I’m happy to report that my entire team finished the races successfully, and have built priceless friendships along the way. As a team, we raised over $205,000 to fight cancer. I may have learned about “warm fuzzies” in grade school, however I’ve found the true meaning of them in my thirties.

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