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The New Reason Of Anorexia Is Found Out.

Some time ago the anorexia was a destiny of the young girls, feeling constant requirement to dump weight even then when they already weigh less their norms, but now with this illness men also suffer.

Age of anorexia

And, as has shown last research of English scientists, it is more than half of people suffering with this ilness (53 %) have started to suffer food intake disorder already in 10 years! At 29 % signs of this illness have appeared in 11-15 years.

It is considered to be that this mental disease starts to develop because of influence on children of models of the “zero” size and too tiny pop stars. However only 3 % of people with this disease have accused these unfortunate of the fear of meal. It is more than half interrogated assert that a principal cause of their illness are family problems, such as divorce or constant quarrels of parents.

Anorexia: the reasons

Teenagers face such problem at the age of 13-6 years basically.

* The anorexia Reasons are bound to attempts of the child to identify with Barbie’s dolls which possesses the slender waist, thin handles and legs, – speaks our expert.

* The Important role is played also by luster. Advertisers of losing weight products use the photos of the models. And very young girls trust a photo and aspire to be same.

* Only small percent of divorces or other serious problems in a family promotes development of anorexia in the teenager, it causes in it more likely reaction of the protest or depression.

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It is difficult to deny that huge influence which is rendered on our children by television and the Internet. Perhaps, having accused of all parents it is simply relieved of responsibility all modern society?

Raising our self-estimation

The American experts of University of Florida have found out that irrespective of real results of physical activity, regular aerobics convince us that we look better.

People who go in for sports, but don’t lose superfluous centimeters and kgs, all the same feel better and test improvement of work of cardiovascular system. Physicians have assumed that psychological advantages from physical activity possess larger benefit for health, than actually physical achievements.

Having analyzed results of 57 researches, experts have drawn a conclusion that starting to go in for sports, the self-estimation of people raises at once also they start to perceive their figure less critical, irrespective of on how many kgs they have lost and whether began to look better. Researchers have found out that only having started to be engaged in physical training at once it seems to us that we look better and also our figure becomes more harmonious.

At the analysis of a self-estimation and personal perception of the figure it has not been fixed differences among those who was engaged in physical training periodically or regularly and it means that even not daily employment allow to raise a self-estimation.

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