The Myths About Weight Reduction And Fitness.

In the field of fitness and weight reduction the same as and in set of other areas, there are conjectures, myths and prejudices which, at times replace with the facts.

So, probably, becomes a surprise for many that some known facts about fitness and weight reduction, actually are myths.

1. Employment with easy weight and a considerable quantity of repetitions will be made by muscles more tightened and relief. NO!

Muscles react to loading. At employment with sufficient weight and suitable quantity of repetitions microscopic ruptures of the muscles which regeneration leads to a good tone and the beautiful form of a muscle are created. Also the important role in this process is played by a food.

Decrease in the maintenance of fat in an organism is that will make muscles more relief, not quantity of repetitions. And decrease the fat maintenance in a body is reached by a combination of the power loading, suitable quantity of aerobic loading and food correction.

2. The considerable quantity of aerobic loading is the basic way to weight reduction. NO!

The considerable quantity of aerobic loading destroys both fatty and a muscular fabric. And it is exact not the most reasonable method to grow thin. As soon as there is a loss of a muscular fabric, the organism begins with ready smaller productivity to lose a fatty fabric. Muscles stimulate a metabolism. 50 calories in day help to use each 50 gramme of muscles in addition. Aerobic loading should be dosed out and not be the basic method of loss of weight.

3. The woman becomes similar to the man if will start to be engaged with the big scales. NO!

It seems this myth will not die never. If the woman does not accept the steroid preparations applied in bodybuilding, an additional hormone and growth and so on it never come nearer to results of men. But it can quite reach that level when muscles look tightened, and the figure gets a beautiful outline.

4. Calories is the only thing that matters, when try to dump weight. NO!
The quantity of fiber, carbohydrates and fats – here that is important. The balanced use of these components is a basis in the course of decrease in percent of the maintenance of fat in an organism and a set of qualitative muscular weight.

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5. Muscles weigh is more than fat.

If to put on one bowl of scales of fat of 1 kg, and on another of 1 kg of muscles scales will be the same. A difference is in volume! 1 kg of muscles in size will look hardly more than a tennis ball. 1 kg of fat will be in 3 times more and will look as a jellyfish.

6. There is one most productive program of trainings. NO!

There is no «one unique-correct» programs of trainings. In a reality any which “has worked” on you is good, but thus it is impossible to use even the most “working” program long time. The organism adapts in a current of 4-6 weeks, and psychologically there will come boredom and it will want changes.

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