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The Most Important Aspects About Weight Loss You Should Know In Order To Achieve Your Goal

Extra weight is a big problem for a great number of teens nowadays. This is not a problem of adults only and is probably occupying the minds of most teenagers these days. This is the time when the hormones rage. Teenagers have to adapt to changes in their bodies and new social roles. Therefore, it is no wonder that you’ll find teens complaining about their weight.

Never start a weight loss program without consulting your doctor and ideally a dietitian. It is necessary to confirm whether the child is overweight and if there is any underlying medical condition that can be caused by dieting. If your child is really overweight, moral and emotional support will be one of the most important things in any weight loss program.

Even for teenagers, weight loss and weight control is a long-term goal. After weight loss has taken place, your child will also need support to keep the weight of rising again. Your child will always need your help and support. It has been shown that adolescents that have the support of their families show better results with their weight loss programs than children who have to go by weight loss alone.

Another important factor in the support given to your child is in preparation of the right foods. Try to teach and train your teen to consume good and balanced foods. You can try to prepare healthy and tasty meals and the whole family will enjoy the new diet. For family members who do not want to lose weight, offer slightly larger portions that will prevent weight loss.

When your child is trying to lose weight, make sure that it is done in the safest possible way. Modern medical studies show that the loss of no more than two pounds per week is the best. Losing weight faster the child may get some health problems and the parents should be alert for it. At the slightest sign of developing an eating disorder, get professional help immediately! Be sure to get your child in a program that helps to lose weight the right way.

The medical community warns that the loss of more than 2% of the body weight over a period of 24-48 hours can be very dangerous to health. Losing more than 5% of body weight over a period of three or four days can cause a serious loss of strength and may result in severe loss of mental concentration. So it is vitally important to the health of your child to maintain a healthy weight and avoid excessive weight loss.

And of course your child needs to exercise. Exercise improves metabolism and mental acuity. Make sure that your child is involved in some kind of sport at least three times a week. Again, it is necessary to avoid excessive exercise, as some teens turn to exercise more in an effort to burn excess calories. Exercise can not be used to work out the abuse of food consumption.

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With your help in providing proper nutrition and healthy moderate exercise your child should have no problem with losing those extra pounds. Teens lose weight easier than you think.

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