Weight Loss

The Most Foolish Diets

Women do everything to lose excessive weight. They desperately risk their health trying all new and new diets, but it was not possible to achieve long-term effect from them yet. We have made a rating of the most foolish diets which have spoiled a metabolism and mood hundred of women.

The first place is occupied with an air diet:

In the Internet there were the two variants of this diet. One of them assumes strictly limited ration painted on days. Another is anything you like. But the meal is accompanied by special respiratory gymnastics which ostensibly accelerates a metabolism to the first space rate and sends all eaten, probably straight for limits of an earth orbit instead of your waist and hips.

And that is very effective diet as it is simply dangerous to chew and intricately to breathe simultaneously; it is possible to choke after all. At least, to someone it can help to cease it was difficult to gorge on so that to breathe, how to adhere to this diet in other way?

On the second place is a chocolate diet:

For a day it is possible to eat a chocolate bar, as a last resort – two. And it is more than anything, except water, coffee and tea without sugar. It is necessary to adhere to this diet not less than 10 days.

Actually, it was necessary to name a diet «dream of the dentist». Except these lovely doctors it hardly will help someone. Unless will inoculate proof disgust for chocolate till the end of your days. And it is necessary to sit on each harmful product three weeks? You look a year or two from now it will be possible to start a healthy way of life at last.

The third place – a half of grapefruit after meal

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Everything that you have eaten, it is necessary to jam with a grapefruit. It will split fats and will prevent their mastering.
Basically, we will not challenge advantage of grapefruit. But it is better to use, of course, it is not after meal, and instead of meal. Because hardly probable one pity half of grapefruit will cope with the big plate of a fried potato or a thorough piece of a pie with an oil cream.

We have given the forth place to “the Kremlin diet”:

As well as all albuminous diets, there is a meat, fish, a bird and other fibers without restrictions. And here it is recommended to refrain from carbohydrates even that contain in fruit and vegetables insistently.

Nothing is new in the world. Chinese practiced such diet some hundreds years ago. However, it is not for the sake of growing thin. They tortured criminals. In some weeks of violent meat eating at poor creatures the ulcer opened. And if it did not open, it is not pleasant for kidney which would refuse to work when in an organism there is too much fiber and does not arrive at all carbohydrates and fat. Today people do it voluntary!

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