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The Food You Should Eat During The Sitting On A Diet

It is necessary also to eat quite good at growing thin but you should eat food which is not very fat. In general, a fractional food was thought up by doctors in the medical purposes. Bodybuilders have tested this scheme on themselves and have added to the arsenal. Its main advantage isn’t so much protection against an overeating and stomach extension but the control of level of insulin and increase in speed of a metabolism (approximately on 5-10 %).

Absence of starvation and constant feed of an organism is the main postulate of a healthy food. It cannot be combined with divisibility of a food and as a matter of fact the latent starvation destroys not only your fat, but also, first of all, muscles. And at first fat is restored after such “diet” and then and in smaller degree – a muscle. Without knowing we lose the main things which are always with us – our muscles. Only for God’s sake don’t think that it is a question about any muscular volumes. It is not so. But the mechanism of burning of calories in muscles is identical to all. To the same problem of preservation of muscular weight and metabolism acceleration the food allowance is subordinated also. Include fiber in each food intake. The rule of “a card pack” here works. The slice of meat, chicken, small fishes should be in size with a card pack. It approximately corresponds to 100 gramme. The organism spends for digestion and mastering of fiber much more energy than it is required for splitting of the same quantity of fats or carbohydrates that also is the factor accelerating a metabolism. So, for 5-6 receptions we type approximately 100-120 gramme.

The main fuel
The most simple and most accessible to an organism kind of fuel is carbohydrates. For us who are growing thin and simply watching the figure refusal of the daily use of simple carbohydrates (fancy bread, sweet juice, ice-cream, sugar, fructose, honey, cookies, aerated water etc.) is important, time for which is first half of day or the right after make trainings. Categorically it is impossible to combine in a healthy food simple carbohydrates and fats.
Everything is easier with difficult carbohydrates. They are slowly acquired giving the energy to our organism. Consumption of difficult carbohydrates should be adequate to your physical activity. A maximum since morning; it is obligatory to be supported before training for 1,5-2 hours. The rule “nothing for 3 hours before training and 2,5 hours after” for the purpose of growing thin are absolutely erroneous. Efficiency of training (simply there are no forces and you feel yourselves as “a boiled fly”) decreases and the main thing is to start to throw “a hungry” organism in the fire chamber not only fat, but also muscles. It is indifferent what to burn down to the organism. The main thing to it is to receive fuel at any cost.

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