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The First Day Of Diet

It is precisely not known, who has thought up the Japanese diet for growing thin. Important that it has acquired world popularity thanks to that allows dumping for a half-month weight to 8 kg. The Japanese tradition assumes obligatory a psycho training element.

It is very important to connect consciousness to growing thin process and the emotional spirit is necessary. During a diet (and it is better – constantly) it is necessary to imagine, that you beautiful, young and harmonious, easy as a birdie. We recommend acquiring the Chinese sticks. Such trifle will help you to like importance of forthcoming process of growing thin and reliance of doubtless success of its result. Food prepare with desire, eat slowly. The Japanese diet is a process of self-scrutiny. You observe of yourselves, your sensations – and become better!

Main condition of following to the Japanese diet is not to interrupt it; not to change components diets (products) and their quantity even if they seem you interchangeable.

Within 13 days of a diet sugar, bread, salt, alcohol are forbidden for you. From fruit you should exclude bananas and grapes. Eggs are only hard-boiled. Water can be drunk as much as necessary.

A day before the diet beginning it is recommended to eat an easy supper. For example, it is possible to eat a little of boiled rice (150 g), vegetable salad from cucumbers, a garden radish, and the Peking cabbage or from cucumbers, sweet pepper and tomatoes (100-150 g). Salad is possible to season absolutely with a small amount of olive oil, vinegar. It is better to do without some salt or its minimum quantity.

The first days of a diet.


Cup of black coffee (it is obligatory without sugar). Coffee by all means natural, only natural coffee contains antioxidants. So-called “soluble” coffee is better not to drink in general, especially during a diet. A coffee strength is to your taste.


Vegetables and eggs. Two eggs, salad from fresh either slightly boiled white or the Peking cabbage, with olive or sesame oil. Quantity of salad is unlimited. Have dinner slowly, with pleasure. Think only about good, of how you are beautiful, harmonious and young. Take advantage of chopsticks for a Japanese spirit.
After a dinner – a glass of tomato juice (it is better to use fresh juice) necessarily without salt.


Fish (any on your taste). Fish (200 – 250 g) can be boiled in a double boiler or it is simple in water, it is possible to fry it also on an olive oil.

The menu of the Japanese diet.

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1 day.
For a breakfast: Black coffee.
For a dinner: 2 eggs, salad from cabbage, tomato juice.
For a supper: boiled or fried fish (200-250г).

2 day.
Breakfast: black coffee, dried crust from bread with bran or rye bread.
Dinner: Salad from cabbage and vegetables with vegetable oil, fish boiled or fried. Vegetables choose at will: cucumbers, greens, a garden radish, tomatoes.
Supper: boiled beef (100 g), kefir (one glass).

3 day.
Breakfast: black coffee with dried crust.
Dinner: a vegetable marrow (large), cut on slices and fried in vegetable oil (olive or sesame).
Supper: 200 g boiled beef, 2 boiled eggs, salad from cabbage with vegetable oil (corn, sunflower, olive or sesame).

4 day.
Breakfast: black coffee.
Dinner: boiled carrots (3 big carrots) with vegetable oil, 15 g firm cheese, and crude egg. Variants are possible: it is possible to eat two carrots, and third to cut, mix with grated cheese, to season with olive oil.
Supper: fruit. The supper is better for eating in two steps.

5 day.
Breakfast: fresh carrots with addition of juice of a lemon.
Dinner: fish boiled or fried, tomato juice.
Supper: fruit.

6 day.
Breakfast: black coffee.
Dinner: a half of a boiled chicken with the removed thin skin and without fat, salad from carrots or cabbage.
Supper: 2 eggs, the crude carrots mixed with vegetable oil (200 g).

7 day.
Breakfast: green tea.
Dinner: boiled beef (200 g), a small amount of fruit.
Supper: any of the previous variants, except the menu the day before yesterday.

You should follow such diet for 2 weeks. Good luck!

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