The Factors Influencing Force Of The Person

Often there is a question why one person can type muscular weight faster and become stronger than another, thus they carry out identical exercises following one training program. Many people believe that they do something incorrectly as do not receive that result which is received by others. It is important to realise that there are some defining factors influencing ability of each person to develop force and muscles and we, as a rule, are not in forces to carry out the control over them.

Type of muscular fibres.
One of the most important factors is presence of this or that type of muscular fibres. There are two basic types of the fibres, often named “slowly reduced” and “quickly reduced”. Slowly reduced muscular fibres are better approach for the strengthened work of cardiovascular system. They create small quantity of expenses of energy during a long time interval and, thus, are adapted for actions demanding the big endurance. Quickly reduced muscular fibres create a considerable quantity of energy during a short time interval and perfectly approach, for example, for a raising of various scales, the activity demanding explosive work. The majority of people of a proportion of these two types of fibres are approximately equal. Meanwhile, some of us can inherit high percent of slowly reduced fibres that improves endurance. The majority of long-distance runners have such type of fibres while the majority of sprinters and football players possess higher percent of quickly reduced muscular fibres. Passing to power trainings it is necessary to understand that faster and impressing results will be received by owners of quickly reduced muscular fibres.

It is one more factor which we do not supervise. Researches show that as a result of correct trainings growth of muscular weight and force can be reached by people of almost any age. However, with 15 till 25 years it is possible to achieve faster as the given period of a life is characterised by fast growth and organism development. After approach of a physical maturity addition in muscular weight will not occur quickly.

Place of an attachment of a sinew.
Force of muscles also depends and on a place of an attachment of a sinew. For example at two sportsmen of a hand and a muscle of identical length. However sinews of bicepses of the first sportsman are attached to a forearm further from an elbow than at the second. It gives the first sportsman biomechanical advantage: he is capable to lift bigger weight in exercises on a biceps.

Other important factors.
All these factors influence ability to add in force and muscular development during trainings. Hold in mind, however, that one of the most important factors in achievement of good results is use of correct technics of lifting of weights.

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