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The Diets For Young People

All of us once were young! And to all of us, certainly, it would be desirable to look good at least. Especially it always concerned girls. Nowadays it is very difficult to find effective diets for growing thin for teenagers. To begin with it is necessary to define the purpose of growing thin.

Diets can be divided on fast and long-term, aimed at reduction of putting off of fats by an organism. The prime purpose of each diet is to reduce influence of process of formation of fats, first of all hypodermic, to brake this process. If it is necessary to grow thin quickly then it is necessary to do the basic emphasis on already available fat and to struggle with it. Such diet will return you a harmonous figure and will improve your intellectual and physical condition. Even more often the present youth pays attention to the food less, eats in “fast foods” and fast food restaurants, overeats and doesn’t plan the diet per day. Because of it they at early age have problems with excess weight.

But the basis of all effective diets for teenagers is approximately identical to growing thin. Define the diet and try to understand what you eat more and what less, and what – you at all don’t use.

Your diet should be balanced and the sated certain quantity of vitamins, microcells and nutrients. It is necessary to reduce quantity of calories in your diet. Before the beginning of this diet it is better to lower the use of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the basic originator of adjournment of fats. Therefore it is necessary either to reduce or absolutely to clean from a diet the products containing carbohydrates. First of all it is sugar, bread, confectionery, sweets, jams, flour products, tinned juice. Try to use the food containing more fiber. The teenager should choose meal with the big maintenance of fiber – fast meat, milk, fish, cottage cheese, in a small amount sour cream, cheese, cream, butter.

At a considerable quantity in your diet there should be dishes from vegetables and fruit. They, besides the big maintenance of vitamins and useful mineral substances have also cellulose and pectin which give feeling of a saturation and limit from an overeating and also normalize intestines work. It promotes growing thin. Besides, the organism of the teenager which was tired of harmful food though will a little come to the senses!

But it is not necessary to be overzealous too as the excessive diet at such age can lead to hormonal failure. Also it is necessary to divide your daily food intake into smaller periods. Try to eat small low-calorie portions each 3-4 hours. The juice glass, an apple or vegetable salad is ideal food simply for this purpose. It is very good approach. The matter is that the food will arrive in an organism constantly and you won’t feel hungry but because of low caloric content the organism constantly should spend energy from organism stocks, strengthening, thus, effect. But it is necessary to conduct more or less active life (study, sports, entertainments etc.) and to consume a lot of energy.

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