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The Diets For Young People

A lot of people think that the teenager doesn’t need to grow thin as all fatty stocks will go then to growth. The longer the teenager goes with excess weight it will be heavier to struggle in the near future with excessive fatty stocks.

The most different variants of teenage diets are absolutely harmless to a growing organism and don’t influence working capacity at all. Observing a certain diet the teenager won’t overeat or starve, change the way of life, the habits and hobbies.

So, if the teenager is inclined to completeness, a food should be under control of parents. The teenage diet needs to be made so in order fat didn’t collect and those stocks which are available were gradually burned by an organism. We will result key rules being guided with which parents should make a diet for teenagers of 14-16 years.

First, during a diet for teenagers it is necessary to drink as much water as possible, and the quantity of salt needs to be reduced essentially.

Secondly, it is necessary to use berries, seasonal vegetables and fruit as the maximum quantity of nutrients and vitamins contains in them. For the child with excessive weight there should be few calories in a teenage diet, intervals between food intakes should be not so long and portions should be small.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to try to change food habits and a diet of the child for one day. At first clean from his menu sweet, a batch, bread, cream of wheat and others fat products and dishes.
Fourthly, sugar replace with honey but it is not necessary to forget that honey is also very high-calorie product, therefore it is not necessary to abuse it.

Fifthly, many proteins should be contained in a teenage diet as the children’s organism is only formed. Fiber is the basic building material for us, it is necessary for considering. At the menu there should be necessarily dairy products, chicken meat, eggs. Don’t translate the teenager on completely fat-free products, at this age the certain quantity of animal fats is necessary for the child, therefore it is not necessary to deprive him of corresponding products.
Sixthly, it is necessary to include in a teenage diet the vegetative food. It should be prepared in the different ways, and also crude vegetables, cereals, berries, fruit. Tomatoes, carrots, a garden radish, a pumpkin are especially useful. Crude vegetables deduce toxins and a superfluous liquid from an organism and deliver many nutrients.

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Seventhly, necessarily there should be a cabbage of different grades at a teenage diet, sauerkraut in which ascorbic acid and weight of other useful substances contains is very useful. Necessarily watch what quantity of sweet fruit your child eats.
Eighthly, don’t give to the child purchased juice, there are not enough vitamins in them, but there is a lot of sugar in them.

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