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The Correct Diet

There are perhaps millions persons simultaneously “sit on” diets in the world. Why do diets don’t help? All they have the same purpose – to lose kgs. But the percent suffering adiposity steadily creeps in top. What is such paradox? And all is very simple. Meticulous Americans have counted up that from 200 persons going on a diet only 10 are possible to dump so much how many intended, and from these 10 only one manages to keep desirable weight. The percent of failures makes 99,5 %. And what about the others 99,5 %? And they either stop or “successfully finish” the diet. And, the weight which was before a diet steadily comes back.

We already noticed that at restriction of calories our organism perceives it for hunger and answers with metabolism delay. It though runs into hibernation keeping the vital functions and “limiting” the minor. Upon termination of a diet you have already come back to “a normal” food and your metabolism doesn’t hasten to do it. Also you come back to the initial condition with a considerable delay for which all and is made up. It is not enough of it. “Frightened” of hunger-strike our wise organism also reserves for the future on a case of the subsequent hunger-strikes. For this reason the majority of people (99,5 %) sitting on diets for growing thin type weight. Diets are the BEST METHOD of INCREASE in WEIGHT! And sitting on diets is a reserve which is constantly filling up army suffering adiposity.

The people constantly sitting on various diets have the dietary mentality. It is constant fear to eat something that is forbidden. It (anorexia) gives good soil for development of various phobias and mental diseases. Their life starts to resemble on struggle with themselves. And it is valid. After next “session of sitting on a diet” there is more difficultly and more difficultly to keep weight. And during the diet it is necessary to be all more religiously – any insignificant deviation on days off “is punished” by return of 2-3 kgs dumped with such work for month. A lot of people sit on 1000-1200 kcal a day that is below level of the metabolism which is simple necessary for maintenance of ability to live of an organism. Also they start to grow stout instantly when they eat more than the “norm”. These poor creatures any more don’t know what to do and to whom to address. They have already tried tens various diets and a heap every possible a miracle.
Don’t trust the dietician.

Only temporary result is necessary to dieticians. Many of them put the patients on hyperprotein diets in a combination with “do not eat after 6 o`clock”. That doesn’t correspond to principles of a healthy adequate food. But kgs are dumped – money is paid. Tears of pleasure in the face All are happy. Here such happy ending would be at this play, if… if diets worked. Even the official dietology in the textbooks specifies that dietary therapy: a measure which is not leading to steady weight reduction in treatment of patients suffering adiposity. I.e. the weight as a rule always comes back.

It is really surprising that nowadays we are living in the world where information quickly enhances the quality of our life. Seems like an easy statement, but for some reason people don’t use this power in their life.

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